:D:D:Dthis post is mean spirited

Ukishamtoa hapo, true colors zinaanza

Very! :D:D

Ifikie kale kamama Admin ka hapa.

Ukimdump anaanza ku post mtoi kwa social media na zile post za ‘my one and only true love,the centre of my universe’.

Huyo Ni @Finest wine kwa Ile council flat yake

Yaaaawn. I know most Talkers were brought up by single mothers. Why deride them?

Captain Save a whore!

I really, really, really hate such posts.

Speak for yourself. Anybody older than 25 years was brought up by both parents, thats if both parents are alive. Hii menace ya single motherhood imeletwa na hii generation Y sanasana.

We have a lot of whore bangers here going by the threads. Kama unakula hoe unapenda hoe

Is zat so? I didn’t know. Ho-ho-ho!

Hehehe.Personally i have nothing but absolute respect for single parents/mothers.Shida tu ni venye single mothers wanatakanga recognition flani.They have some sense of entitlement coz wame raise mtoi alone,something that you don’t see single fathers do.

Big up to all the single fathers out there

That’s not the problem. The problem is that they pamper their babies and spoil them. Ongoja some 20 years in future ndo utaona ile shida single mothers wameleta.

Hapo umesema kitu cha maana @Jimit. In my humble opinion, a father is way more important than a mother.

:D:D:D Hiiii ni hate speech. Leteni ile meme ya red card

Forget the post; try the real thing ujue hujui.

Hakuna kumtoa utamtoa. You will either become part of her mess or she will leave you in it and get on safer grounds na mwanaume mwingine:D