Single Sim versus Dual Sim smartphones

[ATTACH=full]2291[/ATTACH] I’ve always considered dual Sim phones to be nagging when it comes to power management, due to the two sim cards being on standby. Plus only SIM 1 can access 3G or LTE network. SIM two wallows in the Edge network. Consequently, I carry with me two phones, a Nokia geezer for Saf-con and my Xperia for Orange internet. It also seems dual SIM phones are usually late in getting the latest manufacturer OS updates. There are lots of duo sim Samsung phones(from galaxy pocket to S6. I hate that they are identical in design like twins and I don’t like 'em) and few Xperias like M dual. Do you notice these things? Are there improvements lately? Should I consider a dual SIM smartphone in the future?

most companies are working on this najua in the furture itakua sawa

both lines 4G connection


I’ve always shunned them. And manufacturers seem to ignore them when it comes to servicing and support.

Hapo kwa Nokia na Xperia (Z to be precise) for Orange Internet tunafanana kapsaa. I prefer two handsets kuliko Dual SIM.


Got a kabambe n xperia ZR lakini kutembea na simu mbili siwes

Try the Lumia dual sim versions.