Single mums

This single mums epidemic is getting out of hand.Single mums everywhere and i blame it on the men, men just want to pump and dump.Ukienda place kama Umoja, the flats are full of single mothers, and it is this generation of children brought up by such that is causing chaos in the streets at night, this society is decaying.

wanaume hawataki responsibilities, this epidemic imetokana na wanaume kukosa kuwa wanaume.

True, another thing i’ve noted is that single mums wanakuanga na chuki sana.Iko group ingine ya fb ya ma single mums, mushene ndio wanakuanga nayo mingi, especially for those who are happily married.

Also the women have been (over)empowered to the point of thinking they don’t need men to raise a family…to the point of ignoring their femininity and becoming manly, unwillingness to have a figure of authority in the house…just because they may have their careers in order and their bosses in the workplace, they want to be bosses in te house too…its sad as this becomes a self fulfilling cycle of doom…I know several girls who unfortunately were brought up in single mum environments and cannot have a steady relationship, because their understanding of love from a man is being abandonded.


Ukweli kabisa, a woman is still a woman.Woman was made for man, not man for woman.Hawa wanawake hawataki kuwa submissive, wengi wao ni vichwa ngumu tu.


Kwanza hao wenye wanajifanya venye they dont need men huwa unapata in their hearts wako very desperate and lonely

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Yeah, wanajifanya hardcore but deep down they’re hurting.I’ve never seen any logic in this kind of behaviour, mbona uvumilie machungu.Most decide to vent out their pain by kusengenya mob.

aiiiiii you guys have no idea what you are talking about…being a mum aint easy…especially wen its a single mother in question…its easy to say they should get married…but marriage isint a walk in the park…men are just out of question…kazi imekua hit and run…they cant even provide…infidelity is tha order of tha day…a man cant have one women…and then u ask why single mothers are all over…look around

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All I know is that single mothers are the easiest lay in Nairobi


Wanderi (Klist Owner) dinyaz Supu (moderator) who happens 2 be a single mum…true story

You are an idiotic asshole

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Haha you have issues my friend. So your older sibling does not belong to your dad? Mnaskizana na yeye?

Tupatie uhondo :smiley:

Dry fry material??

old monkey niaje

niki tag @old monkey, inakataa

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hii tamaa haiwes isha

Sorry hun…n i think this is why unaogopa wanawake…si wote wabaya:)

Na wengi ni wakikuyu

There is a reason why God created man and woman, a girl who is raised especially without a dad rarely gets unconditional love from a man…
and most of end up having low self esteem especially when a man is involved, to the boys they may end up being mischevious or social misfits
since they need a firm hand and a father figure

So story ya independence in women ni uwongo…afadhali upeleke mtoto akae close to their grandad they will have a father figure, decent men
are also lacking …unless God blesses you with one