single mums on ktalk

Hey, ladies here are soo quite its annoying :slight_smile:

Anyway I know there are single mums here who like watching from the sidelines, obviously a lot of men here have negative opinions about single mums including myself due to a very nasty experience I had some time back.

This listing is not meant to put you guys in bad light, on the contrary, its more about getting to understand single mums.

Give us your stories of how you ended up being a single mum, try and make us see your point of view, and if you have a sister who is a single mother, give us her story as well (strictly confined to sisters if its a third party story)

@Unicorn, you are excused coz you already gave us yours.

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success in getting dry fry stories from ladies, you are looking for blood in a guava

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To be honest most single ladies they don’t like sharing that part of their life with strangers, unless she is assured you will be on her side

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Hebu rudia story ya unicorn hapa

Hii Jamaa ya boda boda tupigie yeye chango ya helmet…hii jua ina deep fry brains zake.


labda tumfanyie mchango ya kununua viti mbili za bike yake ili akipata singo matha akuwe na nafasi ya kubebea mama na mtoi

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Mujamaa wa boda boda ako na a valid post, am waiting to hear from akina @Msuper na wengineo. Might help male talkers view them in a different perspective


Ukipata accident na matatu does that mean you will never travel in a car again?

If it were just me, that would have been an isolated incident, lakini its obvious that the majority of single mums are a no go zone

Then if they are a no go zone just leave them alone. You know what you want and it’s definitely not a single mother so i don’t understand why you wonna know their stories. Let them be.

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Hapa sioni ukijibiwa.

your post will alienate them even further sir

seeems the reality ni venye @Tris amesema