Single motherhood has been normalised

Mchovya asali hachovyi mara moja. Kwa ground wanapigwa kuni like lack of importance.

As long as my nieces listen to our advice mwenye kupigwa kuni apigwe. I don’t have daughters and won’t be having any more children. Nyinyi hapa are fathelas of daughters na bado mnaendea young girls. What makes you thing Karma is not a bad biaaaaatch?
Seriously speaking, it ain’t a laughing matter. I saw a picture of my young kazos at a funeral somewhere juzi. Tusichana tudogo turembo sana. Tuko na watoi…

I know you know your advice is utopian, unfortunately. That’s a damn huge risk. Tuambiane tu ukweli: no man is taking home for good something he hasn’t tasted. How do you know what you’ll find? [SIZE=1]I can give your nieces the right education[/SIZE]

nkiamua kukula dem siulizangi watoto anao, jichanue pia hutajuta.

It is not utopian. Hehehehe…I keep reminding them when I see them. That they date their college mates and not Mimi humwaga everywhere. So nope you won’t be giving them any tutorials. I can’t handle most of the sharks in here so I know they wouldn’t. Too naive.

The antidote for naivety is to learn from an experienced hand with noble intentions.

Nilikuambia hutu tusichana hatutaki mambo ya their peers ukaona na joke.
Sijui tutafanyaje

You are twice their age.;)19-22yrs. I have started telling them to avoid any akoho and only wet their lips if they must. They are confused as I now sound like their bible bashing mums and I was the fun loving auntie. Huna bahati. Can I introduce you to my young singo mum kazos pls?

Hehe, I 'm now tempted to avoid you like the plague.

Yenyewe it is a crisis. But don’t you think it is money driven? Tule naongelea tuko hapo Kiambu Counday…turembo kupindukia. Kwanza nilijiuliza a few questions. They are v smartly dressed na wanaoneka ni ‘much know’. I don’t mean to be rude but their parents don’t have money so hizo manguo zinatoka wapi?
Back to the post…they have been left holding the babies wenye wanaita majina mi huona kule Bidenstan. Negrow pengine unawajua wewe…vile unatetea hii msimamo.:mad:

Finest nirushie kamoja nikakule hii Easter

Hehehehe gotcha…no pls help us by taking one on. We need to break the cycle. If I give you a thru pass to my naive nieces you will create a new singo mum. Guaranteed. Tusaidieko by taking an existing one off our hands. I now beg. Wachana na Truman. Hapo huna bahati.

Now we are talking, utalipa?. Lete specifications nikuunganishe co-ordinates. [SIZE=1]Haki nimeokota KT lingua.[/SIZE]

This is a wrong assumption, maybe based on the nonsense I post sometimes. By the way, you’d be very shocked I can live with her under the same roof for a year and no harm will come to her. And not because I’m senile, daft or impotent, but I have discipline like you’ve never seen. Truwoman is mature, we can disagree and agree to disagree with grace, [SIZE=1]as long as she doesn’t pima like it’s sputnik.[/SIZE]

Not really what you post but by and large what is posted on KT. If I had chanced on KT before I got hitched I would have been v jaded about marriages. What is your age bracket? because I insist my nieces should fumble with their age mates.

KT is a madhouse where people just come to be themselves unlike other platforms. But you were right I’m not in their bracket, I’m in Truwoman’s:D so I was kidding when I said I could give them life lessons, though of course I can.

Kujitetea nayo:D:D:D

@Finest wine , from past experience, the truth is usually used by your sisters against us. So since you’ve learnt to shoot us down without missing, we’ve learnt to fly without perching. It will only change when you become kinder–like when you agree to pass the said niece without 1000 queries. And I can’t pay for goods not delivered:D

Hell nooo. Noway would I pass those queenies as I call them to you. I call them queenies so that I can get to hear who has been trying to get into their thongs nirushe advice. Age bracket yako ni?

That’s for you to guess and for her to find out. You said 19–22? Most likely those thongs have already been removed–what are thongs for? So there’s nothing to bargain for.