Single motherhood has been normalised

A guy posed a question on an FB group:


The replies he got from people especially women were not kind:


Mbitika kasin anaishi sides gani nihamie karibu ndio nidishi wife yake pia?


Umeffi thread.


UMMEFFI ni wewe

Chifu wewe ni mzee, acha kutumia this backward moronic verbal farts as your comeback. Leave this to village bastards.

Single mums don’t create themselves. It takes 2 to tangle. I am very happy that the children’s court in Kenya is taking matters as it should. Thing is hii problem sioni ikiisha soon. Because it has been normalized. We have a whole generation that is totally lost in the woods. Sadly the impregnated girls are ‘getting’ younger and younger.
Schools are closed and I hope our teens will keep their legs crossed.

Mali tutapata tu, ni kubaya coz wanatusaka everywhere ata kwa base ya keg wameanza juja kwa ubaya. Ukiona tudame tule tulikuwa tunaslay tumepata vijanaa Hawana interest coz ilienda kwa betting ama muguks. Sasa ukisalimia kamoja kako ka perky breasts unataka tufanye aje


We are now civilised and western , women can do whatever they want alafu when 13 year olds are being impregnated everyday , what do you expect…

…but contraceptives zipo na nikama bure. Unwanted pregnancy is an indicator of how careless someone is…

Bumped on a similar thread kule kwa Jack that is related to what you guys are discussing here

Carelessness also applies to the man. You are the owner of the seed so please cork it too. Ama?

Hapa I disagree. With the agency over your bodies, I’d tend to think that going forward the onus is on you to decide if the birth is happening after conception or not. I mean after all that’s what being pro-choice and independence is all about. A woman having full agency over her body and whom and when to grant it without the say-so of any son of Adam.

Yes… but I still insist that both should take measures by using protection. Nobody should really have raw sex with someone they would not like to settle down with. We would then not have unwanted pregnancies and we would cut back on STDs.

Nobody thinks that bad things will ever happen to them. But it takes one bad day for life to turn into a shitshow.

Which is why prevention is better than cure. If we both use protection tuta-enjoy bila creating. Infact I will go a notch further and advice women in their teens to cross their legs. Since one is too young to know if the guy usually older than her is serious or not. They should date their fellow clueless teens. I know I have digressed but I could not help myself.

The first time is hard and awkward with a rubber. Other things need to break.

Hehehehehe kwanza wacha nicheke kicheko loudest. I know I won’t win this argument as I am a lone ranger here. Mauricio has just been busy ‘telling me’ that it is a woman’s responsibility to use protection and refused to acknowledge that he should also sheath himself. Which is why we have rich men trapped into unwanted pregnancies and saddled with child maintenance payments for yonks.
Now, if I was to give the young virgin women some advice, I would say save yourself for a good decent responsible father of your children. They are there.

So there will no need for condis. The end.