Single Mother.

Let me wear my helmet before the ‘beta’ ‘simp’ ‘ngaaaay’ ‘mgtow’ gang show up ( you should be more creative with insults )
So i recently met a lovely 26 year old lady…she is beautiful, funny, has a career with a business on the side,not nagging…in other words a perfect mate. She has a son, 5 year old.
so far we have been spending time together everything is great, she hasn’t asked me to meet her son or any financial demands, i really want to wife this one…but she has a son. I can handle a kihii and the society backtalk but my issue is how willshe handle how i treat her child…i have gone through all possible scenarios in my head and i am 60% going for it…she has never mentioned her baby daddy and i have never bothered to ask…
my question is what possible challenges can i expect in the future and if anyone has done it succesfully. If your response involves demeaning women keep it to yourself.

" atè ùramùte tùdù ena mwana, tiga kùmùte mùhikiè mùikaranie, wahùta kwerehera mùnyaka muciì " J.B maina

Is she the one who told you about the son or you came to know about it on your own?

Also umeanza kugwara vitu…if so ,do you think that is what could be clouding your judgement?

She mentioned it when i asked her out for the first time.

Just go with it, kukosana ni kawaida na mtajua how to deal with them hiyo wakati.
Ukikosa kuchukua the lady you’ll remember her in future na kujihurumia tu

That is how campaigns are all beautiful and bliss wait till she gets into office uta firwa bila lube.

Will you be able to discipline the Kehee while living together? Anyway, mimi siwes, but it seems you have already made up your mind.

Please marry her, tumekaa sana bila hekaya tamu ya singo matha from beta males…

Hii swali ni ya kipuzi…first yeye ni dem mzuri na hakunag…then why is she a single mother si angekuwa na mwanaume…she is just pretending ndio awin a simp…Anyway #defundsimps

@byro kuja peana mawaidha hapa.

Bro your response hasnt considered so many things.

We are not aware if she is a widow. But anything is possible. She could be baiting huyu jamaa ndio ascream Dothraki vizuri akisha ingia box.

Kama umeamua kuoa unakuja hapa kuuliza nini? Si you just proceed and deal with whatever bullshit you encounter down thw road.

Hajasema ni widow amesema ni single mother…obvious angekuwa widow angesema hio from the word go

Dr Herod’s unlicensed advice:
Answer the following questions Honestly

1.Are you willing to invest the few resources you have [time & money] on another man’s offspring ?
2.Look back at your past…are you always attracted to ‘Damsels in distress’, do you love solving other peoples problems ?
3.Do you consider your self a Nice guy/ do other people consider you one of the nicest guys they have ever met ?

dr herod will now compile an autopsy report based on the following specimens:



Anakutime uweke ball ndio ujifunge. Utalipa upkeep ya both children for life na hapo ndio utaona her true character

I am willing to bet my left nut that this is the response you give to any discussion where you have no rational contribution.

You recently…

Kuwa mpole bado show haijaanza

:D:D:D:D:D, nikikumbuka hekaya yako, I can see where you’re coming from.