single mother


But maybe we should start listening to our elders .

Problem is never now but after 5 years that peace of mind ndio utatafta kwingine.

You think the father of those 3 kids didn’t love peace of mind, ama wewe ndio inventor wa “peace of mind”.

Hehehehe kijana single mother ambae baba mtoto yuko alive is a very big risk.

Single moms huwa na baggage mob. Not just the kids but more importantly is the ex. Never goes away. He influences the decisions your family makes. If you find yourself in such a situation, it may be wise to do a hand shake with him! That is completely unnecessary. Start the game at 0 ~0 kama mbaya make her a single mother and become the third party in her marriage.

Singomatha zi

Naskiaanga single mathas wamebeba maku kubwa ama hio ni myth ya abunwasi

:D:D:D Hiyo ni sawa na kusema engine ya V8 mzee na engine ya probox mpya ni the same.

This comment should be printed and hanged on billboards all over Nairobi.

Single mother’s emotional damages and baggage stinks to the heavens!
However much you may want the so much sought “peace of mind”, thats temporal refuge from whats awaiting you just a few years after you settle down with her.

wewe ndio umekaa na wazee sober…achana na huyo apo juu aliskiza wazee walevi

Walahi tena, ni very generous with their bh p

Huyo ex akijua uko na pesa hatakaribia juu anajua he will be playing game of cards with his precious life.

This blue piller is obviously clueless about the true nature of women. Yeye anaongelelea the false bliss that is the honeymoon period. Once her mask falls off, you’ll know that if you want peace of mind, you should get a dog. Otherwise, as long as you have a woman under your roof, you’ll never really have peace. Now add three bastards that aren’t yours and a woman carrying tonnes of emotional baggage and alpha male ghosts to that equation. Peace of mind utakuwa unaonea kwa gazeti nani.

what if yeye akue na pesa mingi kukushinda. Heheheh baba hapo uta tap out

Ignorance is bliss. How many rich men get cucked by broke men? Mwanamke hatumiangi logic when it comes to matters of the pussy and the heart. Ata bibi ya Tuju alikuwa anakamuliwa na watchman kwa marital bed yao, who are you to think the baby daddy, a guy who creampied your now wife before you, atakosa kupewa slices just because you have a few coins?

Pesa mingi na single mother is an oxymoron.

nitarudia vile mi husema…hapa ukiwa umeoa single mother utapata migraine

What if you are a single father?

you will get that peace of mind fr the first 1 year…and then lead a very miserable life and die a poor man…wewe huwezi jiuliza kwanini baba ya huyo mtoto hakukaa na mama yake…cuz the female is wild beyond recovery…
Unfortunately that is a Beta male Transferring misleading information to a misguided element…
just remember even fools grow old…
Merry Christmas brothers and a happy ferkin new year.

If your mind starts telling to fuck a rich man’s wife, start digging your own grave… I cannot do that, I don’t want to die just out of a mere pooosy…