Single mother in waiting ...Kijana ameingia mitini


isn’t it classical that her sweat pant reads “been there done that”?



Looking at the fridge those beverages look very western world and not Kenya.

Hii inakaa a convenient store…hao ndio huwa na same planograms

Unajaza server

trust me, just like we have standards, even kungurus have standards. kuna yule boy hawezi pewa kanyama, na kuna yule dry fry is default, and he is the senior ranking one. lazima it was the senior ranking nigger hitting the pussy last week, mwenye humwaga ndani. apart from the obvious street hooker, any ordinary kunguru i see, i close one aye and evaluate the desirability, cleanliness and any risks, should my small head overtake, like it usually does, and i ramya kanyama. luckily, the only one i know that got my seed well planted, married her long time boyfriend a year ago, and they are expecting a second born.