Single Mother Fiasco

Hi Ktalkers, A few months ago I relocated from shanty slums of Ruaka to uninhabitable slums of Rongai. My house happens to be on the ground, therefore, my neighbor in first, second and third floor come to bask, near the clothing line on the ground floor.

Last Saturday as I was doing general cleaning, I decided to clean the corridor slab to the entrance of my house, I met a yellow, yellow lady and a kid say (2.5 years), they were enjoying Vitamin D from the sweet early morning sun.

I said Hi, Neighbor, she responded very positively awaiting an additional move, Being a good Ktalk student the Practice and Principle to win single mother is befriend their bastard/s.

I started engaging the bastard in kid conversations and silly questions Like wewe ni wa Mama ama Baba definitely being brought up by a bitter single mother the word Baba is a vocabulary to him, from the look of things I can tell that the Lady is a Single mother trying to validate, she is single by choice. I start to engage her about what she does for a living, she tells me she works with an Insurance firm(selling car insurance, training, people etc) which is a polite way of saying she is a cheap lay.

I console her by telling her that I wish I had known her earlier I would have referred some 15 interns who joined our organization a few days ago, and it was mandatory to have a personal insurance cover and those guys had no idea where to start (Half Baked graduates), that led to her giving me her contact for prospective business to come soon. I went ahead to check on her civil status just to avoid a dramatic scene in the new ghetto apartment, which she confirmed she is a single mother and her Baby Dad died during the “Schwangan fire phenomena”.
After a week I receive a call from a lady requesting I do her a favor,unfortunately I don’t save her contact,she had to introduce herself,She tells me she is out of town and she has been calling her house manager the last 2 hours and she is not picking her call,is her appeal I go to her house on the first floor and authorize the house manager to call her ASAP.

When I reached her house, I realized the light is off and a powerful padlock is at work, I revert to ASAP and tell most likely the house manager has gone for care and maintenance at her BF place.

On last Saturday I arrive at the shanty plot at noon and met the lady basking, she says hello smiling sheepily aki you helped me, I ask where the House manager was? she said I had predicted right she had gone to Kawangware to enjoy conjugal rights but the sad news is that her Kid is telling her Mum nilalie,vile nilikuwa naona Aunt na Brother yake wakilaliana and its very hard to erase that image from the bastard mind, I pity the poor kid however, she sacked the notorious house manager and now she has a new one.

I welcome her to my bachelor house she is on a miniskirt, and within less than an hour I had accessed the server fully armed and to cut the long story short Ktalk threshold was achieved and exceeded,however the yellow, yellow colour is great however the honeypot is much wanting since its a conference hall, however her skills in the game is above average.

We have become good friend however, I was no longer interested in her wide channels anymore after I realized she just a cheap whore who is always on seductive calls from an infinite call list, in addition. she wants I compensate for the worn out puy by paying some petty and miscellaneous fees for her and her bastard, yet I have a list of endless young pu*y at my disposal mostly Multi-Media students.

Therefore I had to kick her out sh is very bitter at me then her bastard has been coming to my place after every 30 minutes to borrow biscuits and chocolates,I used to give him when harvesting her mama garden,Unfortunately she had to punish her innocent bastard heavily for coming to my place and returned the pack of chocolate I had given the kid,I find the broke and bitter single mother a bit silly.

Your comments,Ktalk authentic and fake expert.Rough sketches,layout drawings, off take sheets and photographic illustration may be availed if highly needed.

@M2Random njoo na usitumane

Muturandom akuje na reference books zote.

neyba wachanga …sasa she will make known to a lady utaleta to your digz that she got hit first …macho huyo dame atapewa atajua tu hapa kuna kitu

ahahah,PNC at its peak.

ni yeye @GoodVibes?

Aka Voltron

Imagine hakuna kitu nimeelewa

Ktalk threshold… Hahahah hahaha. Next please

He’s saying he visited the Red Sea, with the aim of swimming but due to the density of the water, he found himself floating juu juu!

You will go to hell for abusing a widow!

leta photo evidence

Please, don’t go around hurting people’s feelings and breaking their hearts.

Wait…are kids who have lost their daddies called bastards too?


ice cold

Conference hall

Kuna wakati some beautiful lass moved in huku kwetu na nikasema huyu lazima nipite naye. Wakati bado nilikuwa napractice mistari nikashtukia a knock on the door, kuenda kwa mlango found that mbish nikashangaa kwani leo mungu ni mzuri aje ameniletea hata kabla niendee. She said hi then told me Kevo my neighbour sent her to me juu am good with computers, nikasmile na kusema “aah hizo ni vitu ndogo leta tuone”. She left for her place to come bring her laptop, mimi huyu arranged the house mbio. Akarudi na shida minor hata nikashangaa how that should be a problem, mimi nikafungua cmd, typed “sfc/scannow” then enter. of course this was just to keep her for long so that I can talk to her, shida nilikuwa nimetatua but hakuwa anaona so had to pretend na hiyo command to keep her. started flirting with her, kidogo mikono kwa mapaja n she did not object, ikafika mahali nashika matiti n that booty na dem hakatai, nikasema huyu ashajipa nitakula kesho. SFC scan ikaisha na nikamshow comp iko sawa n off she went. 2 days later passed her kwa stairs akiwa na some well-built guy the type that can break your neck na wameshikana mikono. Kumbe mbish is married it’s just that the hubby doesn’t work in Nairobi. I thanked God for helping me avoid that na nikatoa majirani from my fuck list

maneighbour is a no go zone

You are getting it wrong,Is the new style of saying Babake alikanyangwa na lori/ killed in Somalia.She is not a widow,the guy disappeared after she got paged