Single Moms :Men created in the image of Satan, they first tempt you then turn into your accuser

I always wonder why men hate single mothers so much yet some men even beg these women to get pregnant for them only for them to turn an accusing finger at them calling them singo mother and saying all kinds of nasty things about them. For those who are believers we know this duality very well. In the Bible Satan is called the accuser of the brethren who accuses them before God day and night. Who accuses single mothers day and night? Isn’t it the very men who get them pregnant and still continue sleeping with them. How did the woman get pregnant out of wedlock, even if it was accidental, she knew raw sex leads to pregnancy but the men as devil does was busy tempting her until she took the bait.

On womanosphere it is said, never get pregnant for a man, if you are getting pregnant do it because you have decided as an individual that it’s time and even if I was single this is what I want for myself. Even if you are married get kids or add kids when you want to because even inside marriage you are no different than a single mother bcz you are the one to do everything for your baby. Men won’t change diapers or wake up to stay up with the baby at night. So don’t give in to pressure from the man if you are not yet ready. Remember that once you allow yourself get that pregnancy, you will be committed for the rest of your life, it’s like a life sentence. You can not reverse it like men who if they are no longer interested will just escape away from the child and leave you with all the burden of raising a child by yourself financially. Not forgetting the type of trauma your child will go through not having a dad in their lives.

One very sad and shocking story of the duplicity of men is the story of Chris Watts the family annilator. He begged his wife fShannon Ruzek for a very long time to get a 3rd child bcz he wanted a son. Once she got pregnant he switched lanes and told her he didn’t want anymore children, when she refused to abort, he put some drugs in her food and drink to make her miscarriage but it didn’t work, eventually he ended up killing her while she was 8 months pregnant together with their other 2 kids all because he now had a side hen and did not want the responsibility of being a dad anymore. He wanted to erase 10 years of marriage and 3 kids and start over like a bachelor with his new catch. The same thing happened to Laci Peterson who was murdered many years ago by her husband when 8 months pregnant bcz he had an affair and wanted out of the marriage.

We have our own cases her, Sharon Otieno, Syombua and her 2 beautiful kids and a case of a married man who got his side chick killed so that he would not pay for the child he gave her in happier times.

I follow true crime alot and there’s a trend of pregnant women being killed by their baby daddies bcz they don’t want the responsibility of raising their own child. I remember one case where the woman was taking the ultrasound of the baby to the baby daddy to see then he killed her and dumped her body in a ditch. Mark you these men are not gangsters or riff ruffs. This one was the son of a judge.

So women now have more to worry about than stigma of single motherhood they now must fear for their lives simply for getting pregnant. Men will now not just accuse you and condemn you for being a single mother or even deny paternity they will kill you to avoid responsibility for their own children.

When you are busy lifting your legs for these no good demons called men be cognizant of these factors and know what you are getting yourself into. If you won’t get AIDS be ready for a lifetime of shaming and stigma as a single mother and even to be murdered and thrown away like garbage together with your precious children like Mugure did to Syombua and their 2 kids. I think we all saw how men here had and all over the country were defending Mugure for killing his own children and his baby mama. The essence of men is the same, demonic, satanic, diabolic, pure evil and that’s why they really support these atrocious vile demonic acts because they have it in them to do the same.

Women stop romanticising these men and see them for what they really are, hairy devils. Why didn’t the devil tempt Adam but instead went through Eve? He saw that Adam was as cunning as him so he went for the innocent nature of Eve, why did Adam give in to Eve because he trusted her because he knew she was innocent and incapable of any malice, treachery and malice.

You may say am biased against men but the evidence is all over and many of us have been left picking up the pieces of the wreak age in the wake of women whose lives were destroyed by men, some literally to the death.

Would you be lured by Satan to join the occult only to end up tormented by his demons through possessions? Then don’t be lured to have sex and have children against your better judgment when you are not ready for the consequences and I don’t know if you can ever be ready for AIDS.

Anytime you are really hot for a guy and want to give in to his demands for sex. Watch this video below to understand the end or the consequences of your decision. Always look at them as you would Satan and know the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. Not to love, to care and to add value. Keep off these sons of Pharaoh and their demands for sex, for kids oh nizalie nizalie, immediately ukizaa wanakuruka Kipetero Kiyesu like Diamond, start accusing you of being poor in bed like DJ MO, humiliating you in public. Dumping you like Maureen Waititu until you go on antidepressants because you feel suicidal. Others on medication for ulcers and HBP. Before you lift your leg for a man, to please a man understand you are sleeping with the enemy and the end will not be good. You will end up like those who took Satan’s baits and ended up enslaved and tormented for life. You can see the level of torment Maureen Waititu is going through now with Tanasha Donna. After men this will be you. What do you think depression is if not demonic oppression and possession? Chungana sana na Hawa hairy demons. Be on your guard, the devil(men) is moving to and from looking for who he may devour. Anytime you feel tempted to have sex with anyone who is not your legally married husband watch this and all the deception will leave you. Have a demon free day ladies.

If you have to receive anything from men don’t let it be demons and illegitimate children who will share in your torment and rejection .

Sex outside marriage is like playing with a ouija board, it’s a portal for demons to enter you.

Haikosi wewe ni singo mum

Most single mothers are to blame for their predicament (except widows). From poor life choices and all. They fail to lock down a high value male because at their prime(age 18 to 23), they were preoccupied with fooling around with bad boys. Because of the thrill. Now when they get used, paged and disposed, they try to find who to blame(poverty, men etc). Clutching straws but in the end they pay the ultimate price. Living with bitterness cursing men left right and center. Some suffer raising children alone in these tough economic times. Perhaps deservedly.

where women go wrong: they try to create an equivalent of everything that is male for themselves instead of being women.

BETWEEN 18 and 23 you are college and starting your career when should you be locking so called high value male coz I remember in campus it’s either you date your classmates or school mates majority of these relationships did not work or you are with a working who is likely to abuse you pump and dump you. I had roommates coming back from weekend with the working bf with black eyes. Others get pg then abortion. Can you explain who are these high value men bcz the drama of the girls who dated the so called high value men, made me fear dating anyone more than 5 years older than me. Wah! Wacha tuu.

This one was married at 23, she’s now a singo moda

Get out of that cocoon and socialize more things will get better soon.

Can’t do that till Corona is over

I have listened to it to the end… a very intelligent, balanced woman… is she even real? I wish her well in her life for in this case, the Ex-husband was too insecure to handle her…

Yeah. He lost a gem. Very few men can handle a woman more successful than them. I think she settled too early. Benjamin Zulu advises not to date till 25.