Single cuzo

My cuzo ako single, anatafuta mtu wa kumueka.

Is there any chance mnafanana sura ama mwili?


Rusha Namba inpox

Yaani unarusha your cousin to the den of wolves?

Ni ye ameapprove

You must really hate her this much

Ooh hapo sawa. She might meet her soul mate on these streets. You never know.

You must really hate her this much

Weka referrals…


Ati ‘mtu wa kumuweka’ what does she bring to the table? In 2021 we are only associating with women who add value to us

Is she a dwarf?

Nope just a typical lovely kikuyu girl

Ni mkisii ?

Siwezi lipa more than 150

Well she ugly just so you know

Cousins huchukiana sana. Angalia hawa

Nothing like cousins. She is probably competing with that girl and just wants to see the kijiji roast her to ashes. Well, she is ugly. And you must be hell of ugly too if she is a serious competition to you

Hii kitu inakaa 45 years apo