Sincere apologies...

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to everyone I have spammed with my nudes. My actions are highly regrettable and I hope someday you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me.


sikupata memo.

Apologies accepted. Nudes retained.

Forgiven… though I have used one of the pics to update my avatar

Hio form 34A tunadai itolewe.

Apology rejected. Spam me with the nudes and then I’ll consider your apology.

Venye umekonda sikuona kama nudes. I took it as an anatomy class.

Good afternoon FP. You are a good girl. Have a lovely weekend.

vile Grundy amesema.

@Female Perspective apology accepted, now send those nudes ASAP.

Niko na 2950 @Female Perspective … Siunipe tu nitamwaga inje finje iwe cancelled

Yaani nudes were being sent all around and I received nothing yet you keep telling me how you miss my mjulubeng?

Didn’t get them too despite reloading my inbox severally

Nonsensical thread.
@admin pin this chicken shit.

Sawa. Uko?

Apology accepted, but i do not regret your actions

Stop it Mathice! I have really tried to hit on you huko inbox and you requested I stop with the DMs, remember?

Njiani nakam… Lakini ujue nataka kukumwagia kwa makwapa

Ni sawa. Cum

But nudes!
Who doesn’t want to receive nudes?
This isn’t fair at all.