Since their split, Mr and Ms Bezos have been living here...

[li]Mackenzie filed the papers in late March and then was accepted by the court earlier this month, but it will take 90 days to finalize the divorce [/li][li]Since their split, Mr and Ms Bezos have been living together reveal the docs, and Ms Bezos will not get spousal support or lawyer fees cover in the case [/li][li]The couple’s time under the same roof is spent at their $70 million estates in Washington on about 20 acres with a boar house and guest house[/li][li]Reports on the settlement are premature as Mr Bezos will not transfer stocks until the split is final, and the amount is $1 billion higher then it was April 4 [/li][/ul]

It takes at least 90 days from the initial filing for a divorce to go through in Washington.

This means that the $35.85 billion settlement Ms. Bezos was reported to be receiving on April 4 was not an accurate sum,
with that number drastically increasing over the past two weeks thanks to rising stock prices.

In fact, is the divorce was finalized today on Friday afternoon, Ms Bezos would be taking home a settlement package whose stock value alone is worth $36.87 billion.

That means Ms Bezos had managed to turn a $1 billion profit in just two weeks.

There are also a number of other details about the couple’s split contained in the Petition for Divorce, which was filed by Mackenzie on March 28 in King County, Washington.
The most surprising of the admissions is shared early on when Ms Bezos is asked to share information about the marriage.
‘We were married on September 4, 1993 at Palm Beach Florida,’ reads the petition.
‘We currently live in the same household.’
Ms Bezos also confirms that the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement and that the two parties instead relied on a Separation and Property Settlement Agreement to split their marital assets.
That means that Ms Bezos could have made a case to walk off with more than half of her husband’s wealth, but instead will not be getting spousal support or even her lawyer’s fees covered by her ex.
Those lawyers meanwhile are not Hollywood heavy hitters like some outlets had been reporting, and instead, two local law firms are representing the couple.

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