Simpsons predicted this



Yes they predicted these too

so, are you sure life isn’t a simulation?

Homer Simpson would say " Operator: give me the number for 911"

Why the coincidence everyone?

life is a simulation with already played out scenarios.

Also remebmer the saying, nothing new under the sun

These simpsons predictions have become a bit too much of a coincidence :smiley:

Maybe that zeitgeist thing was for real after all.

My theory. Deepstate control everything and they already planned long-term for all this events. They’re just having them implemented in cartoons before the events time for reasons best know to them.

Some of these Simpsons predictions are fake or parodies but folks want to believe in them so strongly if only to hold onto some sense of order in this chaotic world.

Read Books my friend

Tell me the name of the last book you read and what the author was talking about.

Even the Corona pandemic was predicted in a book.
The 9/11 incident was predicted in a movie