Simps everywhere

Acha waendelee kuprovide case studies for future elders to not fall into the trap

Wacha waendelee

Motivational speakers are afoot after letting pirates nut raw :smiley:

What you call simps are embobut residents hiding in plain sight under false identities. The modus operandi is very simple; hide in plain sight and say what single mothers want to hear said publicly. Garner some brownie points before sliding into their inbixes. Tomba, ingia forest tokea ile side ingine. Rinse and repeat.

You are so intelligent

Kuna wanaume wengi hapo wanahitaji mateke za meno

Thirsty niggas with limited options usually pander to single moms online in the hopes of getting some easy pussy. It’s a tactic for men who have nothing going on for them because if you’re a decent-looking guy with some money, you won’t need to do all that dog and pony show to get laid.

funny enough a huge majority are kamba dudes,:D:D:D:D

Singo matha are a no go zone…elders walikubaliana…they smell of desperation from a mile away

Na wewe unawalipia rent?

mama ya mkamba mjinga illiterate @PHARMACY huuuza kuma AIDS infested 49 bob mlolongo