SIMP Simping


Some Humanity in this, sioni simping iko wapi

where is the simping ?

This will heal into something decent

@Micymas if this is the definition of simping then am lost.

Exactly my point , saving a little child isn’t simping but humanity ,the girl will grow up and maybe one day give him sympathy “vote”.

Everywhere in that post. “I would not be at peace with myself…”

would you be at peace with yourself ?

Not being at peace with the death of a child who you possibly could have saved is simping?

As long as I’m not trying to be superman, I’d be at peace.

The man is online trying to seek pity or prove to strangers that he is a good man who did a good act. Tenda wema (when it makes sense) nenda zako.

i would not have done the same if it was a 2 year old homosexual like @Douchebag Otieno

Your post is quite insensitive

Except the child is not his and he is not fireproof. Sasa what was the end goal here?. Purpose ilikuwa gani except fixing shit of lousy ass parents?.
Don’t they know a kid is to be set eyes all along until it falls asleep.
The man has a good heart in the wrong place.
The world is amiss, that kid could turn evil and it would be the greatest regret of his life.
At least do something that is in your nature not just some random act of superman.