Simon Nyachae

May he rest in peace.

What’s your memory of Nyachae?

He really empowered Kisiis sent most of their young boys to India for BCOM AND Law degrees then akawatafutia kazi gava… most Kisii (some are retiring) accountants in the Public service were employed by Nyachae


The fucck is Nyachae?

Nyachae literally lifted the Gusii community…
Kimasomo and kibiashara.

I noted that, when the okuyu’s were buying land and been settled in RV. The Gusii’s were tagging along, not sure if it was through courtesy of Simeon Nyachae ?

He actively encouraged them to acquire and settle in the diaspora…
And also engage in business.
Just like the kikuyu’s had done in Gusiiland.

Kabansora trucks

Please enlighten me. Never heard of This.

“waaatu weeengi”

Nyachae became a district commissioner in 1963. A few years later he became PC under both Kenyatta and Moi administrations. He would go on to become chief secretary in the civil service. Rumour has it as PC he would grab large tracts of land, then hand over about 60 to 70% to Kenyatta or Moi and keep the remainder.

The likes of Justice Bosire own huge tracts of land in Molo…you go into very interior places in Njoro ,Elburgon ,Kapenguria,Bungoma,Kajiado and find Kisiis who longed settled in those regions

That’s what i was asking, i resided in mole for sometime, and i noticed there were considerable number of Gusii Communities.

You see Kisiis and Okuyos can live together peacefully ijapokuwa Mkisii ako na itchy finger sana…akiona kuku ya mkikuyu imekaa mbaya anaitharikira kama ugali moto

Gusii wako kila pahali.

Blocking the public road infront of his residence to only allow small cars use it.

He was right matatu na lorry na haribu kila mahali.Najua you’ve said it in bad taste.
Ati uende ukablastie wazito hiyo kinanda ya manyanga yako kule Loresho thie nakuu weii uyu

Will always be remembered for telling Moi the truth - that the country is broke - when he was the finance minister in 99. He was promptly fired and replaced by a clueless and colourless Francis Masakhalia

A former classmate alitushow ati the late Nyachae was among the first people in Gusiiland to own a mirror and that he used to have locals come to his place to just look at themselves on the mirror and he would charge them for that. I don’t know how true that was.

the last kisii kingpin ,