Simon Makonde

Simon Makonde story was used to teach the indefinite article “a” but what is its interpretation from an adult’s perspective. For me it summarizes the partially flawed societal expectation that man (including women) must follow a certain life path. Birth-education-material success/ reproduction- death

Makonde was born on Sunday, goes to school on Monday , get a job on Tuesday, Married on Wensday, paid dowry on Thursday,
Retired his job on Friday , Later died on Saturday


What’s your interpretation of the story

That you think you are better than Simon Makonde or you wish you can be him.

Each day of the week represents ten years. Thus he died at the age of seventy

Life is short.

How now?
Makonde could have died at the age of 120yrs…

Makes you appreciate life when you look at makonde’s of today be it male or female

Words are wind, we live we die and in between we get some.

Each day he lived counted for something. No day is empty of something he did, or something that happened to him. Fill your life with something, 'cause every day has a purpose.

Simon makende

Draws parallels with Mouskouri’s Three Bells.

The story of Simon Makonde is Ecclesiastical: meaningless of life if it doesn’t impact other positively.

He lived a full life. Not many of us are that lucky.

Simon makonde is @uwesmake he is currently a harbor of lethal HIV virus . He will die this year .may he rest in peaces

@poyoloko will twerk at @uwesmake grave like ghaseer [ATTACH=full]489441[/ATTACH]

Then, that was the only path