similarities of Uhuru and Obama

  1. Both Presidents were born in 1961
  2. Both First Ladies were born in
  3. Both President Uhuru and Obama
    are lefties
  4. Both don’ t have Christian names .
  5. Both are said to be smokers
  6. Both men ’s fathers had four wives
  7. Both Uhuru and Obama have
    relatives in almost every continent.
  8. 2 Pointies * Coloreds * (Obama &
    Maggie ) 2 black Uhuru & Michelle )
  9. Both men have the same height
  10. Obama is the 44th president of
    US while Uhuru is the 4th President
    of Kenya
  11. Both First Ladies’ names begin
    with an ” M”.

44 and 4 are not similar my friend.

I can mention a lot of differences too.

whoever did this was drunk or stoned…