Simba Arati behind KAWANGWARE 46 skirmishes.

Simba Arati has gone into hiding he is being sought by DCI to record a statement on yesterdays skirmishes.Apparently this honorable goon has been buying petrol and giving handouts to his gang of goons to effect acts of lawlessness.

Mimi ata naeza volunteer to look for him at this point

Idiots trying to light a fire that is more likely to consume them than their intended.

I suspected he may be behind the mayhem. So sad.


my college comrade pale kenya poly…

@CID leta link ya hii hekaya

Inakaa zile maombi zilifanya kazi. The works of the wicked are unravelling. Ni kama Afro Cinema, where the uchawi goes back to the person that sent it.

I love NRM… wakiskia wanatafutwa waingia mashimoni haraka sana

Ashikwe takataka yeye. I can volunteer myself to catch this goon.


Is he fluent in English by the way? I have only heard him speak in Swahili and even wondered whether he has gone past fourth form.

Just seen the victims of the fire on citizen them say that they were almost burned alive if the police hadn’t come and also livestock was burned…now nikisema huyu simba arati ashikwe na apigwe mob justice hapa kawangware will i be going to far?

There you go again, my Friend! That smile on that face belies the beastly and demonic demeanour of that shameless master of hatred!

at what time did this attack happened

death to that mathapaka

Tuko nyuma ya Simba

Jana afte

Ndio hukosangi mavi kwa uso. Shenji

Not to be insensitive lakini nimesaficha macho na huyo anakaa @Purr_27

I think you mean ako nyuma yenyu coz that pussy has gone into hiding