Silverback gorilla Vs grizzly bear

Who would win a fight assuming they both weighed 200kg?

Grizzly of course.
1 Gorilla just has a scary face,size and strength.

2 Bears have speed, size, stamina, bite power and claws.

So its @Agwambo vs @kush yule mnono

Watch and learn.

Gorillas are more agile/nimble plus superior IQ. It’s like Jiu Jitsu vs Sumo

Men have higher IQ than bears but we get killed anyways by bears …so what’s your point


Tunangoja Godzilla vs Kong tujue nani mzito.

depends on why they’re fighting

What would they be fighting for?

The bear would year the gorilla to shreds

Finally @Akon City has given the village a commercial break…tumechambua sex and relationships saidi

Real life, bear wins. But if both were same weight, the gorilla would have the advantage. Bear can only bite and scratch, gorilla can punch, grapple, bite,


the bears claws will finish this conversation

Bear has no chance. He moves to slow for a gorilla.

Pound for pound, the gorilla is way stronger