Sign Language

Hello villagers,

Am interested in learning sign language.

Any leads where I can get basic training?

Certificates and credentials not a must this is just a personal interest.

Treeside special school Kasarani

Thanks.Is it an institution entirely for the deaf or a normal person can apply for classes?

They normally accept children with special needs, but you if you are interested and keen on learning I am sure you will find a way… I am sure you can even get online classes. Just google learning sign language and you’ll be spoilt for choice

seems you just spotted potential dwyfwy binti kiziwi…


I have googled but mostly are specific for the disabled and have strict curriculum and timetable that will conflict with my job that is why I turned here for help.


Hahahahahahaha those are your thoughts bro

KISE ,still in kasa.

na mtu aseme how do you call such a guy by using sign language?

Go to YouTube like the javelin guy Yego.

Hehehehehehe nitakuambia once am done learning

I want an environment where I can interact with people it will be easier to learn

Look here:
Only to copy a few links :slight_smile:

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Will check them

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Stop taking bang laced with petrol. Im 100% sure your reply here was meant for a different thread titled adui but in your highness, oops look where it ended!

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Today being a weekend expect such scenarios

Google cant help you with such matters. Almost every country have their own version of sign language.
Anyway I know of a church organization who provide classes for people seeking to learn sign language. Catch is that you have to be a member before you can start the lessons