Sidney Powell (Crazy Trump lawyer) sued!

If you followed Trump’s lawsuits against the election results, you must have heard of this lady called Sidney Powell. She, together with conservative media like fox news and Newsmax were spewing conspiracy theories that the Dominion voting machines changed Trump votes to Biden. This was obviously a lie.

So later Dominion company issued a warning to those spewing the lies to the public to take back their lies and tell the public the truth. Fox news and news max issued a statement that it was all lies and no votes were charged. Sidney Powell didn’t! Now she has been sued to a tune of
[SIZE=6]1.3 Billion US dollars[/SIZE]
for spreading the lies. 1.3 billion dollars is equivalent to 140 billion Kenya shillings. She obviously doesn’t have that money! It’s payback time!

Kila mtu ni mwongo including you

bankruptcy paap . ataambiwa alipe $20m . wacha tuone kama billionaire will help her

A click on the Google will confirm my story, I don’t lie.

Eeeh she will be bankrupted, Fox news na Newsmax walijua hii si mchezo wakajitoa

No billionaire atamsaidia, she will be alone in this. Infact Republican donors washaanza kujitoa kwa politicians who supported the attack on US capitol.

Sidney Powell spews more conspiracies than @T.Vercetti and @Purple combined. And that’s saying a lot.
I have never encountered a sane Trump supporter.

Trump supporters are lunatics!

“I like the poorly educated.”


Obviously, they like him back