Side Hustle

Guys. My hustle is highly unreliable and I have about 500k in idle cash. Currently thinking of side hustles so that I can do the research on many ideas and launch by January. Any ideas? And please msilete ile ufala ya inbox or sijui "come we partner/invest in my business’ chieth. Sande. Help a peasant.

Continue doing what you did to get to the 500K,as they say if it aint broken don’t fix it.

I already told you that my current hustle is unreliable. What part of “unreliable” don’t you understand

EW imekupa wasi wasi na high season ilishaanza kwingine

Mimi sio writer msee. But najua hiyo hustle vizuri. Ni wapi huko hot season imeanza?

Brother nothing in the universe is reliable,not even the life that you live.If your are in such of such a phenomena then you are in for a long and elusive search.

SV wacha machungu if you need help.
Nunua Nissan Note uanze uber.

Wewe sasa husaidii. You are stating the obvious and I need to diversify my income streams. Diversification=reliable income. Kakinuka side moja nakulia kwingine

nina Writerbay group account mbili. Huko kuko nywee.

Kwani hustle yako haina growth ama unaona umefika mwisho and you need to divide attention. Sisi hatukujui sasa tutajua ile kitu unaezana nayo kweli?

Sir. Thank you for the input, but I need a brick and mortar business. Kama ni uber I would just use my personal vehicle. Sande

Imeflood ufala. Imenisaidia sana for the last 3 years but sasa nadai kutoa mguu moja inje.

Unasrvive aje na CPP ya $5 na support watiaji

Hakuna kitu utapata hapa ktalk itakusaidia.

I pay writers 250 and in a day I upload no less than 20 pages that is 50 dollars at least net on my side. Support si watiaji vile. I am also strict na fines I transfer to the writers. They are not as unreasonable as EW or RWC. But between mid Nov and Christmas I rake in no less than 500K. I always clse for christmas with 5K plus dollars net in my pocket

All I need are suggestions of brick and mortar businesses naweza launch na hiyo capital. I can do the deeper research on them and decide on my own before Jan.

Unawork Internet?

But I am working on something with somoene from pesapal (not paypal) that if succesful, will open new avenues

That is good business but hata writing ni seasonal najua

Good for you. It seems you have everything figured out.