sickening double standards

“…I like how he was armed and dangerous but was still apprehended. Good thing he wasn’t gunned down in the street and his dead body left there for hours for the world to see. Glad to see he wasn’t allowed to be mauled to death by dogs. I’m happy to see he made it into police custody without his spine being severed. It would be sad if he was killed in a choke hold. He is going to make it to prison alive so he can live under the protection of the white supremacists inmates and the guard who support them. He’s not a “Thug” just a poor troubled soul with mental problems. So naturally his life matters…”

~ Dylan Roof

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if you are white, you have a mental condition
if you are black., you are a gang banger
if you are muslim, you are a terrorist

guys in the news rooms were already discussing about the mental state of the attacker immediately it was reported the attacker was white this was even before they knew who he was


We will complain till when why don’t we use the whites intelligence as they did our resources…n make Africa a place to be …we will nt have to deal with racism


we cannot just close our ours and pretend we dont see…it will unfortunately take a very long time to make africa a place to be

Ikr with our kind of gorvenors…hata sijui niseme nini

Hii ya USA sasa ni a ticking timebomb

Eti ‘The American Dream’ what people are experiencing there is ‘The American Nightmare’.

Why are there so many single but working men in the US?? They are all over social media and all they have is a cat or a dog and they post pics driving alone or with a pet, eating alone, at work alone, in bed alone. There isnt even a friend mentioned or anything lie that. Most are in their thirties and forties up. They are very good at joining groups za single ladies and masturbating at their pics. And they dont hide it by the way, and they spend all time explaining their sexual fantasies to women on the internet.

Si ajabu people are going crazy. btw, most shooters in recent american incidents were such people.

Kwa hivyo unasema ni nyege zinawasumbua?

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hehehe…Keg imeshika???
Am talking of people who have one dog for a social circle.

Hehehe. That’s the gist I got from your comment.

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blacks act so much affected by racism in states even their tv show tell a wide gap between them. The fact is even the American blacks cannot compete with whites inventions and stuff.they can only show their big dics as american trophies … All they do is fight, fuck, fuck n fuck. They have to do away with their ego and appreciate they have better lives than many countries even india and china. But who cares, they will still throw stones

like one @Purr_27 you’ve got to be important to be respected. Black Americans and africans in extension have learnt to be victims in all circumstances.

We’ve got to change that, get into positions of power somehow, power gives you muscle to armtwist your way through all manner of shiet.


Fagget looking for a white knight

Intellectual progress is what scares the white man and makes him respectful…have you noticed how kenyas success and leadership in mobile money earned us some respect from the white man.something which they had tried and failed.

The guy had SA apartheid flags and Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) colonial flags sewn on his jacket. Halafu some twerps on fox news claim that it was not a racial hate crime but a crime of faith.

Perhaps unrelated, but still a relevant read:

Blacks in america can be understood. I dont know whether negative commenters know that segregation ended in the 1970s and the blacks were very poor by then. Wealth and power doesnt just materialize. In most cases, it takes generations for a family to amass wealth and power. Whites had six centuries to establish and position themselves in the fabric of influence and it will not be easy to beat them given that they are the majority, 80%. And they are not going to give it away just like that either. However, I dont know whether we here have got enough excuses. Being colonised doesnt mean we become cry babies. even the Koreas, malaysia, hong kong and others were colonised.

Initiative is what seems to be missing in blacks. Deciding to be among the best in any area, and taking necessary action, with discipline is what will bring success stories and elevate us. Success is not about our genetic material but our attitude. What don’t we have in our continent? Clean air, minerals, fresh water from mountains, labour(skilled and unskilled)? We’ve got them. We can learn. We can do.