Si Maobi ni ushawi. #Lubbish


White elephant. Same story with Isiolo Airport. Wish that money could have been used to build a superhighway from Mombasa to Malaba. But Bora pesa imeingia Kwa mifuko ya wanaume.


You cannot pity kenyans. Fala mang’aa. Hawaambiliki hawasemezeki

This is a bit ignorant for such a major MEDIA like Nation.
Entrepreneurship 101 says that you have to give a business about 5 years to break even and start making a profit.
For SGR, maybe 10-20 years…

Endelea na denial. By the way, we heard similar arguments wakati wa Kisumu and Eldoret International Airports. Years later, they remain white elephants. Maybe you were still too young to notice. You see the years to break even is an argument used on simpletons by the corrupt intending to benefit from the projects.

By the way Ke254 is the most developed nation in terms of corruption… What happened to Nyayo Tea Zones, Nyayo Wards, Nyayo Bus and blah blah blah white elephant development projects… Many years later other generations are still paying for the mistakes made by the Kale regime… another one is taking shape to continue the laid looting foundation

#Amechoka @Punda

Meanwhile sensible projects are staring them in the face but they choose to go with the bullshit. Kwa mfano, why the hell is Likoni bridge not done like 30 years ago ? It’s a slam dunk

Jubilee f-uckers selling hope to peasants… Nasikia WSR if elected PORK… his government will make sure each class one kid has a computer… blah blah the same regurgitated lies each campaign season