Si Kwa Ubaya, Lakini Wengine Wetu Hapa...!

Mmefanya nikuwe embarassed kutumia the word ‘hacking’.

Some people use it too loosely.

Mnafikiri just downloading an app/program that does something for you makes you a hacker.
BREAKING NEWS: You are a script kiddie! Not a hacker.

Listers over here thinking that just coz you watched ile movie ya facebook (The Social Network, it was called?) you’re a hacker. Ama ati what you see in NCIS is what happens in real life.


Hello-world programmers in here amping their game you’ll think they can perform basic penetration testing without any help from google. Don’t even know how to use Wireshark, unajidai hacker.


If you can watch this video through, uko sawa. Kama huwezi, pliz don’t use words you don’t understand.


Concentrate on bringing us live tv shows and stop msomo in this village. Si ya ma***o, chokee

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buda, saidia mimi hapa, niko kwa ofisi pumbavu ametunyima mneti, sasa the next building is a hotel that has wifi for its residents, is it possible to get thru. and get free net. if possible take me thru. the steps

Yes sir, let me do that. Ilibidi tu niseme one time.

First, find out what security method it’s using.
Soma hii - - and try to ensure your signal’s strength is at least 70%.
There was also a simpler explanation on lifehacker a long time ago. Siwezikumbuka, but try searching “crack wifi passwords” on your favourite search engine. Labda utapata.

You need Kali Linux, btw ( ). Run it on a VM of your choice.

And then after you’re done, come ucheki tv.

@EngineerLMG -some of us are satisfied with being technology users, and are happy paying the dentist his price when our tooth aches…or the plumber when our sewer wont work properly. what we do not like is the plumber telling us that we dump big shit when the line blocks…that is simply an intolerable affront.


Sawa. Point understood, and taken.
My point, and I do really hope you get me, is that if the guy who dumped a big one repairs his sewer lines in a substandard manner, asijiite plumber. Because anaharibia plumbers wengine kazi, and makes them embarrased to call themselves plumbers.
Nowadays, when some people ask me what I do, all I tell them is that I handle computers. Siwezisema kitu ingine because the first thing they’ll say is “Oooooh! Unajua kuhack simu yangu? Unaweza nihackia computer yangu??? Sijui nani amehack email yangu…” Na hiyo ku-“hack email yake” ni spam tu kujazika juu alipeana address yake kila mahali.

Not everything should be hacked. Just walk into that hotel. Buy something cheap and while in there ask a waiter/ess the wifi password. Login to your device. When done pay and leave. Get back to your office and use it. Wakichange password go back there buy a glass of water n get the new password. Iwinjo?


Exactly what I’d do. :slight_smile:

Even better. Thank you.

Or maybe don’t steal wifi from the hotel?

His problem is overthinking. Simple problem with an even simpler solution.

Ever attempted to challenge yourself to learn something new? networks and computers are not my thing. that already crossed my mind but decided to go the hard way and try learn something in the process

What i just highlighted to you is called social engineering. Go learn about it. Makes breaking into things easier

Kila mtu anataka kujionyesha yeye ndio mzito…im not a hacker i know that.but im pretty knowledgeable in tech.titles are for amateurs.

Same here , simple knowledge like tht @Dearro has stated will make u look like a hacker.u don’t have to apply masomo in everything u do saa zingine ata ufala ya mtu husaidia sana…

Yaani umekataa kabisa kushika what I’m telling you, sasa hiyo social engineering tumia ku deal na @ekamsweu instead of locking a thread!

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Fungua ofisi yako