shule huko masaku

i was once in this school sehemu za Mwala, machakos and i can almost swear the deputy head teacher hated me so bad that given a chance the mathafaka would have killed me without any second thoughts. the guy did everything possible to make my life hard in school including going as far as issuing a restraining order between me and three of my friends where non of us was supposed to be within a close distance of each other at any one time. i am a poor drawer and the guy once gave me a punishment to go draw this big generator the size of a small car, and label the diagram while explaining how all these parts work together in helping the machine carry out its task. needless to say i was unable to do that na nikapokea some canes with a new punishment to dig his school farm.

the guy was a drunk although ilikuwa chini ya maji and you would only know he was high due to his increased level of aggressiveness. there is this one day, during the night preps when everyone was busy making noise in class, and i was busy asleep considering earlier tulikuwa tumebomoa ugali na avocado kadhaa plus smoked a few cigarettes before going to class. i wake up with the deputy holding my collar pulling me to my feet as he asks, “Kubaff, jinga wewe utanisumbua hadi lini?” i am confused najiuliza what is this guy talking about, i was peacefully asleep a few minutes ago. my thoughts are cut short with slaps all over my face, bana the pain becomes unbearable and i decide enought is enough. nilipush my locker forward with all my strength and since the deputy was directly infront of me i hit him with the locker and he fell to the ground with the locker on top of him.

hapo nikajua nimeharibu story and i began running for the door, before i finish running the corridor, i heard the deputy behind me promising akinipata ataniua na nitajua yeye si mamangu. considering the guy was the basketball coach and physically fit i knew i wouldnt outrun him for long. nikaamua i would run as first as i could towards the students toilet and then i would slide through a hole in the fence that we used to sneak through kuenda huko kwa village either kukunywa karobo na keg ama kununua vitu market ame pia kuiba maembe za kupiga biashara shule. as i am running i could feel the teacher just behind me, i must admit i am a poor runner. niliepuka tu by a split second and managed to duck through the fence. the guy was not sure nilipotelea wapi, and all i could hear was him issuing threats, either i cross back through the fence and give myself up ama niende kabisa nanisiwai rudi hyo shule. lakini sasa matusi alikuwa ananitusi i decided ata heri nikae juu na hyo hasira akinipata he would have left me disabled. i was called all types of names by my teacher, malaya, shetani, umbwa, kuma in kikamba and many more.

juu going back to school was out of the question, i just headed to a pub we used to frequent and decided nipewe keg kadhaa kushukisha pressure. as i had predicted by kitu 1130 their were a few boys from the school walikuwa wamekam kwa pub pea kupewa kadhaa, and i was told the deputy went locked his office and presumably went to sleep. that day i had to sleep in a different dormitory incase akam kunitafuta late night ama early morning. amazingly, the deputy never mentioned that story ever and it is as if it never happened. i believe either pombe ilikuwa inafanya aruke kichwa, or he knew i had fucked his housegirl/niece, although that wouldnt explain it since many other boys had done the same. all in all i had to much fun in that school and too many experiences.

wewe inakaa ulikuwa miu boys:cool:

Rudi hiyo shule na utandike hiyo Mbwa


:cool::cool::cool:alah wat makes it so obvious

hii ingekuwa poa ile mbaya

ulisomea hapa pia?

Si “ingekuwa” but itakuwa poa sana. Go to that village look for 3 desperate niggas na uwanunulie pombe alafu mtafute huyo mwalimu. Mkimpata tandika hiyo Jinga kama mbwa alafu hii PTSD yako itaisha.If you don’t do it, you have a small penis.

was just narrowing down the options. so ulikuwa unasomea huko? which year was that and can you name atleast 1 cook.

Why would anyone describe themselves as poor anything?

We almost burnt a certain deper wa chuo flani huko kwa mwangi wa Iria due to the same , ujinga

But ina sound kama Texas pia…depa alikuwa msee wa basketball na chuom ilikuwa nyuma ya toilet

After my university some many years ago, i decided to look for employment, and guess what, nilitoka County 026 nikajipata MIU. that school ni disaster. wanafunzi na walimu are always high on weed/fombe, the headteacher is nowhere to be found from monday to monday. nilika term moja bila mshande nikajitoa for greener patures…

Nilitoka huko 2008 cannot remember the name of any cook but the principal was a mr. Gitahi if i am not confusing

and to think walikuwa wanalabel hyo shule kama provincial school

which yr is that? was there in 99, back then it was a very gud school.

that’s like 9 yrs after I was there, but I’m sure somba, kamasta ama bro were still in the kitchen! they really fuckd up that skul after we left. Back then we were the kings of soccer in machakos and our girl school was muthetheni girls.

By the way, Muthetheni walikuwa tops. nilikuwa mode but nilikuwa na kunguru huko, btw, very generous with ikus was there in 2004 hapo that that Gitahi was ngite/umbwa sana, ilikatalia mshara ya peasant… nikipatana na yeye ni maslap na two sweeps. there used to be a yellow yellow secretary. nilitafuna na for a full term on a daily basis. very generous people huko ukambani

You need to work on believing in yourself…What are you good at??

Alafu is ‘Drawer’ a synonym for artist ama ni mimi Rusungu inanichenga?

yes. i found somba and bro. totally fucked up the school ata sports handball tu ndio ilikuwa inapenya kiasi. dynamics hapo kwa girl school zilikuwa zimechange kiasi pia kyethivo was the in thing

i am good in everything else. i dont need to work on nothing, there is nothing wrong in admitting you are not good in everything