Are shrooms illegal in Kenya?


What do you think?

izo ndio nini?

Hey @kemosabe

Watched a documentary that they can be used to treat depression*(under a medical professional)*

Da fuck are they

Shrooms are very beneficial to the mind unlike other drugs, actually they help re-create or reinvent oneself by connecting to the soul and gearing towards the best direction in life!


Answering this is like saying-how does one eat food to get full/satisfied.

No it isn’t. It’s like asking how does cigarette smoking become addictive. Ama you are on shrooms already?

You pose a question and answer yourself?Mmmh… okay.

Read these comments maybe you could get some insight. Hizi psychedelics kama LSD btw zinaeza kua life changing experience depending on how your brain was wired. On that note, seriously, kuna mwanakijiji anauza LSD? I wanna try it.

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Shrooms for treatment is called bangi, not talking about hii bangi you smoke, but the one used by the shamans to treat severe depression ( kichaa).

It was a drink containing marijuana and shrooms, you had to be given by a shaman so that he takes you through the trip and recraim you from the deep.

Scientifically, it separate your being from the fresh (nervous system) hence the reason many shrooms tourist find themselves unable to dock to their avatars.

The literal time you find your soul separate from your physical body.

Experiencing the death of the ego is a life changing event for many.

Kajimange na Hizo poison zako peter wanjiru ain’t nobody interested