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[SIZE=6]Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson’s homeless ex-wife is spotted with shopping cart full of belongings and digging through trash on the streets of LA more than two years after she disappeared and was then found living in a desolate state[/SIZE]
Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson’s homeless ex-wife has been spotted digging through trash on the streets of Los Angeles, more than two years after first being seen living in a desolate state, exclusive photos show.
Loni Willison was first discovered to be homeless by in October of 2018, highlighting a terrible turn of fortune for the former model.
The 37-year-old’s hair was cropped short and she admitted she hadn’t showered in a year in attempt to keep herself ‘dirty as possible so no one assaults me’ after becoming homeless in 2016.

Although an old friend attempted to get her help and a drug rehab specialist offered her $90,000 of free treatment, Loni returned to the streets and hadn’t been seen again until October 2020.
Loni, who divorced Jackson in 2014, was seen this week picking through garbage in Santa Monica and pulling a Whole Foods shopping cart full of her belongings along a busy street while eating what appeared to be a piece of bread.
She has also been spotted rummaging through a dumpster wearing several layers of clothes, but with no shoes on, just a pair of socks.



Keep off drugs kids

Vijana muwache mihadarati

Hollywood haina shida. The choices that the celebs make ndio shida.

:D:D:D:D:D…Most women would live in utter Squalor were it not for men simping ways.

Huyu yuakaa kama ametoka kuact world war z ama zombies jameni.
Mihadarati hatari!
Imemaliza vijana wetu wengi na ma-teja hali zao hafifu.
Mola atuafu na hili janga la kusikitisha