Show ya Kukata na Shoka

Leo angalau pia mimi wacha nikule dim eye mmoja. Just from tao to pick a big assed one. As majority of you enjoy punyeto while hurling insults at the lucky few, at least leo arimi wacha ipumzike kidogo. Only legends would get the message in the second photo.


Inakaa mumejifungia club time ya curfew, mbisha ya big assed dim eye?

Mkubwa, xray ya hio gluteus maximus imuok

Ameenda kukata weight.
Wapi ile bag kubwa wanabebaga ama atarauka na nguo za kurudia? Tragic i tell ya,tragic!

Thermal image ya kunguru

Godayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D. You are just nasty.:DOh my ribs…

Wharrathread:D:D:D:Dhaki I am logging out for guud. This is not guud.

:D:DTears streaming down my face.

I nominated you as my fav cartoonist. This is what I meant. One minute sijui ulikua unapost huko under the bridge and now this…Mieeen:DI am dead meat! The handbag is killing me…:D:D:D:D

Hiyo bag inakaa ile ya malaya hardcore wa Riverroad … hope you woke up safe with everything intact

Ongeza evidence!

Hata thermal image ya ass crack

:D:D:DYeah, I am safe just the same way you are safe after an overnight punyeto race. Hii sii malaya tumezoea.

Slay Queens and their ilk NEVER leave their phones or Hand Bags unattended …

Even for a minute …

Huyu ni Mtu wa Adabu … :smiley:

Wewe ndio umesoma game. She is a decent lady. In my post, I said only legends would understand the second photo. Wankers and SJ connoisseurs hawakushikanisha. My relationship with her in kama ile ya Prince Charles na Camilla.

Hehehe… :smiley:


Exactly. Tuko tuu. Hatujui how it will end but at least we are sure it won’t end in premium tears. We have been at it since 2000. 20 years without premium tears. Hata kuna watu wanamjua na kumfikiria kama wife:D:D Job kwao kuna colleagues hufikiria I am the husband.

20 years of being milked dry… look at this fool … hehe

Kwani mlikua mnanyonya chupa … that photo screams tough economic times