Show us your desktop

dude your desktop is chaos…nice wallpaper though…but still chaos!!!



Pretty Impressive dude

@papabingy mind giving me a list, I download later on; anything that is not top gear


Two in one.[ATTACH=full]9000[/ATTACH]
@papabingy I recommend using Fences by Stardock. My work PC is cluttered 2 times yours. Fences keeps everything in check automatically and with a double click you can hide unnecessary icons. Very handy especially if you present a lot or need some privacy. @nairobilay IMO pathfinder or total>finder. Hyperdock for aero snap/window management. Alfred>spotlight. Friut juice for power management.

have u seen my profile pic face …I NEVER CLEAN UP!!

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I like them dirty and rough…

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What is this? i assumed i would find it in the app store?

I Have plenty and plenty of dem car shows, maybe u can try fifth gear though haikunibamba vile…that folder is for extracts that i like and mos def get them from the net

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …just hope ur female though!!! ju apa …ah ah!

thanks men … i like it like that though …infact that is after ive cleaned up, u should have seen before and available on torrent or

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cheers guys

I dont like icons on the desktop, clean all the way…



clean masculine desktop. got shortcuts of the most used progis kwa Toolbar

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ujinga nikutumia win XP kisha unaeka kaTheme ya Mac…:p:p:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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Am all clowned up for you!! Come warm and fill me up!!

warmed and filled up you will be! any shortage of space on your part will be punished, be prepared;)


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