Show us your desktop

Folder ya PMS ina nini? :eek:

Eat your heart out…[ATTACH=full]9009[/ATTACH]


@Jay_boss = @nairobilay

Never ever! :smiley:

hahahah…nimekubali boss, hio si xp…:slight_smile:


Ai yawa mbona wanaume wako na desktop zinakaa za madem? So disorganised

My nosy azz is over here trynna make out your face in that laptop’s reflection like …


Good luck. That dark screen, my dark face…its like looking for blackboard in the ocean in the middle of the night…:slight_smile:

A nosy girl can dream.

Nice machine you have there

PMS ni Professional Marketing Services…i guess huko ndio ako works

I thought ni ile PMS tunajua imefungiwa yote kwa folder.

That wallpaper of yours, watu wanacheza hide-n-seek?


@kingolonde Heeeeeeeeey thats my desktop too :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha. Meeeeeen. I did see the 98 but nilitumia Windows 2000 in high school around 2006/7.

Haha. You should attach it here for every talker. I think I like it too.

:wink: I posted it a while back but it was just the background and not a screenshot of the desktop. It looks exactly like @kingolonde’s though. I like it and have had it for quite a while now. I only considered changing it after seeing what @Deorro posted. His desktop is dope!