Should you get a partner like you or opposite to you?

Which do you think is better for a rship to last long term?

I need someone who ain’t like me. Am a serious and quiet person so I would prefer a loud and wild lady. If you get someone like you, you will have a very boring marriage.

but don’t you think if you’re the same you’ll make less compromises and have less conflicts in general?

Fafanua ukitumia mifano tafadhali. Otherwise i think people should compliment each other which is different from being similar. For example a talkative person should pair up with a good listener not another parrot.

Opposite attract

mimi bibi ni mconventional oldschool conservative , anafuata instructions hakuna upusss ya miniskirt and other chieth

Someone different from you and you will disagree on everything. They will find you boring and unaccomoditive. Kama hamuwezi enda mission yoyote without one feeling left out or simply bored about the whole thing it wont make.

Like if you are a guy who wants to spend the most evenings at home and the other is out there at office or wherever with people landing home earliest 8:30 amekula akashiba. You will eventually get bored-cheat-cheated on- bitterness-FAIL.
If you like the traditional woman who makes you food and cleans about while you provide stuff without being reminded, but your woman is ambitious keeps her money ignores what you think she should be doing it will fail. Tafuta tu msichana mwenye uko na amani atapika bila kuulizwa na bila kuchoka anajua ni domain yake.
If your woman does stuff for you unashiba kama nguruwe na unakuwa msafi hadi ngotha hadi unavalishwa nguo na unaexpect achukue significant share ya financial responsibilities it will FAIL. Anaexpect you take care of money stuff and she makes your other life comfortable. If she has to hustle na wewe ni wa nini? You need get that career woman mshindanange nani anapika leo you dont deserve a home maker.

You must share values. Otherwise you must have other things keeping you together. Maybe lots of money or something like that. Even friends you have kept for long are more or less like you. Huwezi kuwa socialization yako inafanyikanga clubs na pubs lakini your longtime bestfriend anashindanga conference na seminar za kanisa weekend na holidays zote. Unlikepoles attract achia magnets.

If you like who you are as a person then find someone who matches you. But if there are traits that you don’t like in yourself, then get someone who will complement that area of weakness.

  1. Swim in your own pool. {This means if you are a nigga i Wanjigi’s hood you only hook up with people there. A guy in a bed sitter will never sikizana with a mama who has 6 floor flets) Pole.
  2. Same intelligence level. You need to get each other’s humour.
  3. Sexually attracted to each other.
  4. Mwanume ni dominance.

thats why they end up with ‘slay queens’ ama matoast coz they are easy to handle and control otherwise a proper woman with a brain to boot ain’t that easy to manipulate,you need to be on the same wavelength in ideas and thoughts,but then again,too mundane ,you’ll be too bored with each other hence opposite attract factor

I would like someone who Is just like me… I am loud, fun, enthusiastic, freaky and weird at the same time… If I get a boring person I quit the relationship ASAP!!

Hii mambo haina formula. U rarely marry the one you hope for.

Best answer so far.

In short, you are a slay queen who is not ready to settle.

In long-term relationships, one like you will work best. Opposites attract only in magnetism.

I don’t know much about marriage but as a senior bachelor, I would like to imagine the ideal is choosing the right shade of gray that works for you. If the person is completely different from you or completely same as you complications might arise. So bottom line find some one different from you but with a considerable amount of similar interests. Or find someone like you with additional xtics or interests that you don’t have they might introduce you to new things that you might have missed.

MEN want WOMANLY women and WOMEN want MANLY men… Hizi vitu zingine ni semantics…

toka kwa thread yangu, sipendi wajinga

but I don’t think “complementing” is a real thing since kila adult can take care of themselves alone. Complementing is just fantasy

Fungua Whatsapp group at least upatiwe administrative rights za Removing people… Kenyatalk si Whatsapp, deal with dissenting opinions…:):):slight_smile: