Should kids stay with their dads once their parents break up

I think mothers are better parents bcz of their role from pregnancy. Plus girls should not be left with any male relatives. Awhile back my rela broke up with her husband over paternity of their last born, she had an older daughter who he adopted and they had a boy before the one of the disputed paternity came a long. The guy wanted custody of the first born a teenager who is a girl but not his biological daughter, I felt he had ulterior motives for taking the girl. Sure enough after some time he returned her to the mum.


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Hi Catherine… Please post this for me at Marital group and keep it anonymous please. For those people who left their children with their fathers because of reasons that they couldn’t avoid, how are the kids faring? And how is their connection with the kids and how do they manage to stay without them?.. Thanks in advance and happy new year.

ghaseeeer just because you carried the baby for 9 months does not mean you will be a better parent. Stop being emotional women only keep the kids for financial support nothing else…so you do think Widowers are not supposed to keep his kids when their mother passes away. Umbwa ghaseeer taka taka ya manisapaa feminist.

You agree on custody. But if one has a behavior of irresponsibility, then the other one keeps the kids.