As we head to the re-run of the election 2017 i cant help but have a lot of lingering questions on my mind.Both the internal and the external observers apparently summarised the whole process on august 8 as free and fair bt the supreme court judged otherwise of course presumerbly accoding to the evidence provided there as my question goes:-
Should the observers be vetted
Or maybe they judged the book by the cover,so should they be allowed to acces the servers so that they can give a conclusive observation of the process.

Just because they said ODM lost?
And who should vet them, except Orengo?
And what should be the qualification cum criteria?

They made the decision perhaps based on their awareness of how electronic voting systems work. Some of the countries they originate from have use electronic voting for many years.

The process will never be free fair and transparent,it will never be free from irregularities and illegalities unless Baba wins.That is the worst discovery i have made in the last couple of weeks,otherwise UOTP tukutane kwa debe!Baba tano fresh!

I think what we need clarity on is what entails “observation”…it should not be obsersavation on part of the process, but the whole hog incuding transmission and tallying.

I love the egg on face moment these so called observers suffered globally, forcing some of them to rescind on their blanket approval of the flawed elections. Even NY times was forced to retract and apologize. Truth and justice will out.

Tapeli mkubwa wa kimataifa leo unawagongea wapi?Nafsi za internship zimo hazimo?fixed games vipi?

Whom the gods want to destroy they first make mad.
The things coming out of Raila and his camp nowadays only point to that direction. Baba has gone mad.