Should Cattle Rustling be Classified as Terrorism?

Life in Kenya has become too cheap. Now, 45 people get killed in a village by Turkana bandits. Nomadic tribes especially the Pokots, Turkana, Samburu, Borana etc need to do a lot of soul searching because it seems they value livestock more than human life.

Economic sabotage.

Sio Kenya pekee. Ata Sudan. During ruracio the boy is asked to bring not less than 100 cattle. No negotiation. So the boy and his crew organize for raids in other neighbourhoods for cattle. And the cycle continues.

That’s why these bandits should be treated like terrorists. The death count from these raids is almost equal to, if not higher than what the country has experienced in terrorist attacks.

robbery with violence. they need hanging with sisal akamba ropes. hanging ended rustling in Texas, yes, US

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Seems like bad culture to me

My bro almost lost his life when his pickup was sprayed with bullets along the kainuk-lokichar road; and its not like he was herding any livestock. This bastards have no value for human life

That is terrorism par excellence. Lakini siunajua sio watu wa maana kama wahindi wa westie kitisuru kitisuru hivi hivi wameuwawa.

truth be told we’ve neglected that part for years, no education no infrastructure nothing. we moved on changed lifestyles n now we blame them. school them, give them an alternative n things will change


Why should they value anyone’s lives apart from theirs? They live in jurassic period na wewe unatembeza matako uko na gari.

Caught some interview on tv and there was this guy saying that the gov’t of the day sent the military to Mt. Elgon because the area is a perceived bread basket but is in no hurry to sort out the likes of Kapedo, etc that are perceived as not being economically productive.

uncivilisation should be treated as a crime

jurassic period no. a century ago that was the norm, you are just lucky that missionary school was close for your forefathers to attend bure you could be living their kind of life today


Kuna kitu inaitwa semantics. If you took jurassic literary you need to attend a special school for autistic people. I mean that they are a ignored people…if I must explain.

haha takes one to know one

you think they do not have schools? their leaders want them to kill each other to reduce compe for resources. unafikiri watoto wa poghisio na nanok wako in the killing fields?

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Forced disarmament is the only way however whenever such exercise is planned the politicians and civil society always bungle it

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Plus our porous borders.

The excuse of marginalization and ignorance cannot justify these acts of savagery. I think there is also the hidden issue of the border between West Pokot and Turkana counties that has become a political conflict between these two tribes. The rustling is used to cover up a serious tussle for natural resources by politicians in both counties who use their people as pawns in a chess game.

not enough, read the sessional paper number 10