Should Azimio allies be prosecuted?

What happens to the 4 IEBC commisioners who were clearly supporting Azimio? Would it be appropriate for them to be prosecuted? Is there a charge like attempted treason?

it is either treason or it is not.

There cannot such a thing as attempted treason.

I listened to Kindiki among others representing the Ibc and ruto. Beyond the noise about stolen elections there was a coup happening, false affidavits, commissioners hiring their own lawyers. Even if the ruling favors Ruto obviously, there needs prosecution going forward.

Yes. Individual responsibility to discourage future thuggery

what you must understand is that the petition challenging the results of the presidential election is litigated on affidavit evidence. the veracity of such evidence is not subjected to the rigors of cross examination of witnesses, corroboration, hearsay rule etc.

On the other hand, the law requires that in criminal cases, the prosecution must establish its case beyond reasonable doubt. a lot of the evidence and allegations presented by the petitioners cannot, by themselves, be relied on to secure any successful prosecution.

Wacha porojo…it’s all on camera…all you need is probable cause that a crime was commited, to arrest and prosecute…at trial is when burden shifts to beyond reasonable doubt for conviction

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Wacha niendee subaru ya mabanga nikuom, huyu sasa amezidi

What makes you think that camera is admissible in court?

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