Shots Fired...

Bonny Khalwale states the bitter truth,it’s an open secret that our VP gets an orgasm whenever he spots an empty parcel of land.


Kenyans pia hao hawachelewi.



Obviously you don’t want the refugee camp closed. It’s easy to see why.

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Once the camp is closed and the 600, 000 are sent to somalia they will inevitably and bitterly become al shabab. We will have a whole army of marauding alshabab. In addition, not all will go to somalia, some will escape to nairobi, mombasa and everywhere. A huge chunk will sneak back and start illegal business like selling guns killing elephants and shooting people. If we cant secure or clean up a fuckin camp, how can we secure a whole 400 kilometre border in a desert with corrupt forces.

The camp cannot stay there forever. DP Ruto is offering a solution and it’s a viable solution. Somalis need to go back to their country and those who sneak back be arrested.
This thing of criticising every solution offered is dumb.
And if they want to bitterly become terrorists, let them be in their own country.


aren’t we all missing the point here. We have 600,000 people who wake up every morning to breakfast provided by someone else, sun themselves or talk about this and that under a mathenge (prosopis juliflora) tree the whole day before retiring for the night to produce some more idlers. what is to prevent a few creative minds to stray into the the hobby of game hunting, even if the game is, unfortunately, innocent humans?


if it takes atleast four alshabaab to massacre more than hundred kenyans…i believe we gat some serious loop holes within our security forces…lets clean up our mess first.
lets smoke out the sleeper cells first and secure our boarders…
managing a refugee camp is easier than closing it down…


Hio kitu ni acre ngapi hivi? And I strongly suspect there’s oil. All the human waste over those many years must have accumulated into some oil, even if it’s just 10 tankers.


The internet never forgets…ruto will be haunted by the langata saga hadi alie machozi.

and a few tonnes of coal…

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Excellent points you raise. Remember the camp has been there for almost 30yrs now. What should be done about it, in your opinion?

ma hater

good idea, I need a hunting rifle and a tent,a new tourist attraction


They will stil have to go one day afadhari waende sasa than later, if we wait another 10 yrs the pppulation will have doubled those people give birth kama sungura.


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Exactly. For how long will the camp exist? Si basi wakuwe nationalized to kenyans. Even Israelites wound up their camp in the desert at some point.

In fact, kenya needs to do away with all the refugees here, including the Sudanese.

Well moving the camp is the easy part. After that we need to have systems in place to ensure they do not sneak back into the country and ensure security and intelligence gathering is given priority in the NEP Region. Otherwise we will be in for soft target attacks month in month out!


Raphael Tuju tried to close it down in the early years of the Narc government.15 years later, it’s still there.And what’s the status of the refugee kids born in those camps?Don’t they have a right to claim Kenyan citizenship?

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