Shortest reign - African Presidents

Hiyo ya Sankara huniuma try to help people but Kuna vyenye watakugeuka,cc gadaffi,Patrice lumumba etc.inaonekana hizi bonobo countries afadhali kuwa Kama arror,coz ata ukijifanyanya mzuri aje watu watakugeuka.unless you are in turkey of course.irespect citizens of that country for standing against cia and external forces.

Unaeza aje uliwa for being nice and kind???

Hata wewe tumia akili. Sankara screwed the ones who got him there.

Patrice Lumumba did the same. Hata hajaketia kiti vizuri ashatusi colonial master to his face…

They were young and stupid.

There’s another guy in Kenya. Kuingia hivi ashaanza ku undermine his boss, tanga tangaing. Creating two spheres of power…

You sound

You sound stupid you mean licking the boots of colonial masters makes you some research on West Africa and see how they get screwed through puppet president’s put by France and allies to siphon all resources without visible input back to those countries.You also mean Drc is okay now without some research and bring you gay ass arguments Abit informed

:D:D:D:D [SIZE=5]tusemage ukweli some times
[SIZE=6]How did Sankara get to power?[/SIZE]
It was through French support! Sankara’s father was a homeguard in the Colonial French govt.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Sankara was educated by the French, he became a top military leader in his country because of the French colonialists.

Kupewa kiti hivi the guy becomes a socialist! Remember this is during the cold war in the 80s. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]And just like Lumumba, Sankara even starts lecturing the people who got him into office![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Sankara was spoilt. He grew up in a rich home, he got everything in life. He became president as a very young man. Power got into his head.[/SIZE]

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Wah I cunt argue with your stupid angeendelea kulick France matako ndio akae kwa kiti instead of correcting injustices that were done during are the reason Africa will never develop.true bonobo

Patrice Lumumba similarly turned to the Soviets for military support. Hio ni kama ku-commit suicide.

A smart person usually waits. For instance Mugabe didn’t start insulting the British or kicking them out on day 1!

He waited consolidated his power then when he was ready he unleashed his cannons.

Sankara and Lumumba started insulting the colonial master on day 1 yet they were still very weak or operating from a position of weakness. You have to have some foresight and wisdom as a leader.

Also Sankara started supporting the USSR when the USSR was coming to an end. They simply couldn’t support him militarily. He didn’t have the vision to see the future that socialism was in fact coming to an end.

And historically socialists usually start very nicely like Sankara… then the purges begin as you start entrenching the communist system. Sankara died when he was in phase 1 of socialism. Soon you would’ve seen his other side as he consolidated power.