[B]Ma guru saidia hapa, niki connect any external storage kwa computer inaeka ma shortcuts, pliz saidia

mbicha pia inasema shortcut[/B]


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Scan the flash using SMADAV halafu delete shortcuts manually


Probably the computer you are using is infected with malware. You’ll need to fix the problem first then protect your PC from such attacks. Scan you PC using[SIZE=4] Malwarebytes Anti-Malware[/SIZE] from and use Unhide.exe to fix hidden files or If your familiar with cmd run ATTRIB -h c:\*.* /s /d
You may also install MCshield to protect your PC from removable storage infections. It’s my preferred choice since it’s very lightweight and free.


Virus boss try this tool. works like a champ. But please stop using your flash on cybercafes and unprotected public computers here

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thenkio ma guru…le me work on it!

your computer iko na mavirusi. just install an antivirus n you will be okay. n by antivirus weka kitu ya maana na sio ile avast ya sare. weka Bitdefender trial version. do a system scan n wait for some 5 hours itoe virusi zote when done. you can purchase it ama weka a diffrent Av lakini ikuwe Av ya maana

Luwere computer luweere…

Just go to command prompt and type the drive letter i.e D: of the flash or external hdd. press enter then type the following
-r -s -h /s /d then wait. The files will be back. Back them up. Delete shortcuts.