Shoprite exits Kenya after sh3. 2 billion loss: A Cortedivoire Rant

Shoprite ndio walijishaft wenyewe. The white meffi south africans with a strong financial backing walidhani juu wako na 2300 branches watakam kubully local competition.
Their main downfall ilikua they stocked 98 percent of their stock from SA. Even perishables kama bread, sukuma, maziwa, na beef. They sourced like 2 percent from Kenya suppliers.
Hapo ndio wakajua hawajui, KRA increased customs to import na the birrionaire owner, Christo Wiese worth $6 Billion who ako very arrogant and rude, refused kupeana za chai akisema shoprite is a corruption free corporate.
Eventually he stopped bringing containers blaming the Kenya Gava on high import taxes. Shoprite Wakashindwa kurestock their branches and With no stocks [SIZE=4]coming[/SIZE] na fixed monthly expenses, The birrionaire was fuccked bila lube. He had to bail and count his losses.
He is also retreating in other countries outside South Africa, juu ya meffi strategies ya kifua. Wacha abaki SA juu hapo due ameshika suppliers wote kwa balls juu yeye is the largest distributor and retailer in africa. Meffi hao.

Nothing from South Africa services in Kenya only dsthivee

ABSA, Liberty group(heritage and liberty insurance) , Stanbic, UAP Old mutual etc are SA owned

Castle lagger , gtv

I can relate
When I was in employment, there was a time I had a Seuz efrican white dude for a boss. He was such an evil racist POS

Had to screw up things so that after I resigned, they didn’t last for six months. Made sure he was deported soon after…
Apana tambua.
,story for anaza day…

What did he say when you resigned?

Kwani alik

Kwani uliangusha sabuni

@Electronics4u has a tendency of feeding off people’s curiosity, he rarely completes hekayas and I don’t expect him to complete this one either

what about Game

I wouldnt pay hongo at the the airport either as a corporate. All he had to do is offer Mami Ngina a little stake in the operation. That would effcetively kill importation hurdles.
They were importing from South Africa because the cost of local goods is very high. At the end of the day, it comes down to selling branded products. People see a strange product and they desist.

I wonder how his mcoondu looks like… most likely like a half moon

A cautionary tale. Failure to understand and adapt to the local retail market is a key lesson.

Mpesa failed in South Africa -

Uhuru namaliza kila kitu…

Kamwana kamwana kamwana

Is hard for SA to do business here, just like it’s hard for Kenyans to do biz in SA. Remember what happened when EABL and castle were fighting, SA even created funny laws to lock out EABL including registering a beer with the tusker like logo, EABL came and lobbied the govt to increase duty on malt and barley, kila mtu aka aki kwao. SA wako na ubaguzi saaana, ata DSThieves, they have SA, Naija and ROA(rest of Africa)

Hata mkate?

Retail should be left to local companies. Foreign companies should do manufacturing. Hata hiyo Carrefour, how will Kenya grow if all cash they make is shipped back to France and used to develop France? Buy Kenya Build Kenya. Buy in Kenyan supermarkets and build Kenya.

They come with their arrogance huku thinking markets are the same n’shit lakini inabaki wameshangaa. It’s beats logic though juu before setting up shop lazima they’ve undertaken market surveys or so…

Very disappointing fellows those… One would expect that with Walmart’s deep pockets behind them they’d make major moves

Hii ni Kenya hapana tambua upuss you have to give the Kenyan customers what they want btw pombe yao ilikua poa ilibidi wanyoroshwe live live

Market ya Kenya iko advanced banae. Walikuja na hiyo ukumbafu na umefi yao ya SA, doesn’t apply here.They must have underestimated kenyan consumer culture. Wakwende uko.