Shopping and shipping from abroad with @incognitus

I would like to introduce everybody to a business representative involved in cargo shipping to offer some insight and assistance about the process of shipping goods from abroad. Having shipped for me some urgent cargo on 2 occasions (by sea and air), it’s a person I can trust Please feel free to ask relevant @incognitus questions about the topic.


Which countries do you ship from?

Not me but @incognitus. Mimi lakini hununua from China, 1 week my cargo is with me

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Okiya, I appreciate, this means I’m doing a good job.
I will try to answer any question about import especially from China and dubai, hizo za US unless its a full container I don’t do.

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Multiple handle detected.


Rates, volume etc. Mambo ya inbox baadae.

Wewe concentrate on detecting where thieves and terrorists are. Mambo ya multi handles wachia gurus kama @Web Dev na @Deorro


What taxes do I pay upon importation of food-processing equipment from shaina? Na hao washaina wanajiita GY Machinery ni real AMA bonoko?

Do you import small items like a phone or a pair of jeans?

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Wewe kwanza 2 months ago I wanted to sell you my premio for 720K ukakataa. With effect from today and to comply with the new bill, bei ya hiyo gari sahii ni 790K

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Niliona hio kitu hapa and my heart sunk.

But jikaze, save and upgrade. Ukinunua akina C200 na 320i hakuna effect on the new bill. But kama ulikuwa unatarajia kubuy premios, allions, mark x, probox utaumia

Let us know if you need anything from USA by sea or by air.

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Actually I am thinking of second hand

Second hand as in gari imetoka direct from an onwer in Japan straight to you ama gari imetumika na mtu Kenya?


Any of the two lakini wacha nisave save kidogo ninunue jan-feb wakati watu wamesota :D:D

niko na mtu china anaweza confirm ukinitumia details zao

Both ways kama target yako ni toyota sedans utaumia. Straight from Japan utalipa more excise duty. Buying a car already in use in Kenya bado mwenyewe atakuwa mjanja apandishe bei. Already @aviator anauza gari yake 400K na before the bill ilikuwa scrap

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