Who has seen this?
How are the drivers supposed to benefit? Hii upus itamaliza industry [ATTACH=full]124006[/ATTACH]

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Kwani wewe “unategaga” na tekithi?

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Haha say what?
Hio imenipita, couldn’t understand shit


OK. I guess you don’t.

He’s asking if you’re a taxi driver.


There’s an asterisk on KES 4.99, I’m guessing there are some hidden charges/conditions . The price of 4.99 doesn’t make sense though because we don’t do cents over here.


Taxify changes what 32 per km?

If it’s legit I’m using them. Besides all drivers have all the apps. But tbh I doubt they’ll have drivers who agree to drive for them. They’ll always take the other jobs before this one when they switch on their device

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National language hujui?
Ikwo wee!

copy cats everywhere

They are much much cheaper than Uber? Who has tried their services?

Exactly 36 bob per every kilometre doesn’t even make economical sense…

Which is the cheapest ride hailing app in the country right now?

This has to be it… Followed by taxify

:D:D:Dso if i live five minutes from tao which equals about 1km nalipa less than 4 bob?.. shiet poor business model

Wacheni ujinga be happy for the mwananchi

Watu wanaumia Wankle.
Bado msee alipie parking na kadhalika?

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panda ngaya upige riba na maboy

I’m imagining some guy comes for you in a mkokoteni na anakuambia uingie haraka msipatwe na jam, 4bob is just crazy

Wataisha kama ile Airtel ya dem days. Low prices but very slow in tapping their market

Has a base price of 199 and a per minute charge. And that 4.99 is a promo