“Shomo Kenyatta!” (and the story goes on and on)

Everyone is claiming him, from Digos to Ugandans
Dont know who to believe.
Guess this is why he is a LEGEND


There are so many theories like this one narrated by someone in a Kalenjin page.
After years of research which involved interviewing old wazees, I have able now able to display Jomo Kenyatta’s early portrait and bio data not known before, his real father and why he dropped [his] Kikuyu name (Kamau). Mzee Jomo Kenyatta is believed to have been a Kipsigis who grew up among the Kikuyu.
The legend is like this. After the demise of the great Nandi Oloitorian Kipnyolei arap Turugat (Simbolei) his sons went to other parts of the Kalenjinland. One of them, Chebochok arap Boiso was to stay in Londiani in Kericho District. While in Londiani arap Bosio met a young lady later to become the mother of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. It is believed that their friendship and union resulted in the birth of Kenyatta whom we are told was originally called Johnstone Peter Kamau. Kamau’s mother Wamboi is reported to have been a widow who used to herd cattle in Londiani. She later sought employment in European farms in Central Province. While in Kikuyu land, Wamboi got married to Muigai who is wrongly believed to have been Kenyatta’s father.
After sometimes, Muigai divorced Wamboi “for having a child from Lumbwa (Kipsigis) people. She went back to work in European farms. In 1913, all brothers of Koitalel arap Samoei were rounded up and banished to Central Province for opposing the evil plans of the white man. They were Kipchomber arap Koilegen (Kochich-lem), arap Boiso and Kibuigut. They were detained in Nyeri and Forth Hall now Maragwa. While in Kikuyuland, Kenyatta’s mother was assigned the role of taking care of the three detainees. Why did the white man chose Kenyatta’s mother to take care of them?. Is it possible that Wamboi was able to speak Kalenjin, or did the detainees choose her for reason detailed above? It is even claimed that arap Koilegen used to refer to Wamboi as Muthoniwa( Kikuyu for sister in law).
When arap Koilegen was about to die in July 1916, he summoned Kenyatta to his house for briefing. Kenyatta was then a student at Thogoto Mission School. He gave him a beaded belt known in Kalenjin as Kenyattet, a container for holding stuff (tobacco), a flywhisk and a monkey skin called Siombuut. He then told Kenyatta that when the white men go back to Britain he would lead the nation. He instructed him to drop Kikuyu names, Peter Kamau which he did. After that he instructed him to go to Loita and seek further advice from Maasai Laibons and in particular Ole Mokompo who died in the early 70s.
After being blessed by the Oloibon, he was told, “Shomo Kenyatta!” in Maa language i.e. go with this belt. Because of language barriers, Kenyatta thought his name was Jomo Kenyatta. Jomo is devived from Maasai verb Shomo meaning to go. Arap Bosio, Kenyatta’s father died in 1929 after being tortured by the white man. When he died, Kenyatta was schooling in London. His demise shocked Kenyatta so much that for three days, Kenyatta was indoors crying and mourning the death of arap Bosio. Why did he mourn arap Boisio!?Yes he was his dad.
Years later, in 1970s when Kenyatta was resettling Kikuyus in Londiani,Kipkelion district the Kipsigis were not amused. Old men of that time could be heard saying, Oh! Kokwam nee Kipkemoi oh! (What has gone wrong with Kipkemoi?).We can get a clue as to Kenyatta’s childhood name. The Old men called him Kipkemoi because that was his childhood name. The Talai clan is known to call Mzee Kenyatta as arap Tanui, a name given to arap Boisio’s sons who live in Kericho district.
Throughout his years on earth, Mzee Kenyatta used to refer to all Kalenjins as Kipsigis.He may have heard a lot of stories about the Kipsigis from his mother.
Back to Nyeri, arap Boisio again befriended a young Kikuyu lady named Margaret Muthoni Chemarus who was President Kibaki’s father’s sister.She died in 1987. They married and had children who now live in Kericho District. Before arap Koilgen died, another old man from Tugen named Chepkeres arap Toroitich visited him. He later blessed him and told him that one of his grandsons would one day rule Kenya. This later came to be true when Daniel Toroitich Kapkorios arap Moi became president.


Conspiracy Theory of the First Kind.

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Lets do the DNA thing and be done with it. I have in on authority that Jomo’s dad came from Kasipul Kabondo…


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@Meria Mata weka picha ya alleged UK’s grandpa kama ya the previous theory

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Ancient fossil niaje

these are the theories I talked about. thanks for digging them up

which one do you believe?

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Would it be wrong if he was?
A duck always goes back to the water,angetafuta wakale ajiteneza familia adai ni national intergreation,so I don’t buy your theory. My two drunk cents

Too far fetched, why are the stories of the family lineages of people like Waiyaki WA Hinga and the Koinanges well documented and not this one for a much more important Jomo Kenyatta?

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