Always wondered what it means when people hang baby shoes in ma3s…is it for luck or what…
in the US shoes huanikwa on power lines for various reasons (some of which made sense while others didnt)
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what say you…

Hapa watu hufly home, unaskia hata @wakanya ni rancher nevada.


uliza @Nefertities …i used to hear that they were for the “homies” who have been killed on the streets. but i think that was just an urban legend. I think guys were just being assholes.

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@nairobilay I just googled it and it seems it has very many meanings depending on who does it. Its a gesture familiar to gang members, soldiers, kids and hey, its even evolved into a sport ¯_(ツ)_/¯

yep…as for US reasons differ from hood to hood…what about ile njumu ya mtoi huanikwa ndani ya mat za kutoka mtaani? This practice has been there for a very long time hata nikiwa mtoi but no one ever asked…


Mothers with young kids usually drop the shoes as they manoeuvre their way in a packed matatu. When the conductors later collect them, they hang them on the handrails just in case the mothers come looking for them.

thats a better xplanation

there’s a tree in a winding desert road in US must be Nevada full of shoes hanging from branches