Shocking discovery in a marriage

I have a friend who has been living with a woman as his wife for seven years. They have cohabited peacefully without any drama and even have one kid together, though they haven’t been formally wedded. A few days ago, the jamaa made a startling discovery. The house in which they have been living in, is a rental house. The man is the one who has been paying for rent including all the associated bills like water, electricity etc. But he was shocked to learn that the house belongs to the wife and her brother. Actually, the largest shareholder in the property is the wife but she never told the guy about this fact. There has been a cold silence and the relationship is facing a hard time. What would you advise the guy to do if you were in his shoes?

Next months rent let him pay the wife direct and tell her from then on he is dealing with the landlord/lady direct.

Leave the bitch

He should go rogue and stop paying rent…

Kitu ya kwanza afanye DNA test for current kid.

If he likes the chick he should stay and take a DNA for every kid thereafter.

So what kama hakusema ni yake na ya bro? Even if they were staying somewhere else in the same neighbourhood bado angekua analipa rent na hio nyumba ingekua rented to someone else na wifey na bro would still be making their income

To wifey and bro hio ni investment and she prolly didnt say cause hakutaka husband aanze kuslecki kulipa rent. Lies like these are common in relationships.

The thing to watch out for are the big lies like anakuletea watoi amboyo sio yako ama anahanya hanya uko nje ama with ur pals

I like that biach ,even me I would do the same to her if I got the opportunity. Wife’s brother lives in my rentals and the whole lot doesn’t know and I told caretaker akilipuka I will run him down

Look for another house with say better security…and give the ‘landlord’ the requisite notice. Then move out as a bachelor. You might say she did not lie to him but is that not dishonesty perhaps even reminding jamaa rent is due. Remember wives play a major role when house searching.

Keep paying rent but tell your wife that the house must never lack anything. Then get your own house secretly and keep a mpipi no. 2 there because here hauna mpipi

My advice to your nigga ,alipe rent na atulize kinyambizz ,he expects to eat free ikusde and also not pay rent ?as the biach invested yeye alikua anakula pombe ,investors need returns on investment.

This joke has been repeated on social media many time it’s just that you’ve written to seem interesting

why??? now he know she is loaded

Not your cousin

But she comes from a wealthy family and the seed capital wasn’t entirely her own sweat.


In other words he should divorce her?

But a couple’s money belong to the family yet the wife was cunningly hiding it away!

She already knows that he has discovered the secret


Atajua Tu siku moja

Wueeh, hii ni mara Ka ya Saba hearing the same story hapa