Shithole Chronicles: KWS MURDERS Bird That Flew Over 6000km From Finland

By now you must be conversant with the KWS’ animal murdering skills. In case you’d forgotten, the agency officially tasked with protecting wildlife likes to prove once in a while that it’s also very capable of doing the opposite. This opportunity came on the 20th of January when a fisherman in Siaya county rescued a ringed Osprey. He informed the KWS, which promptly took it under its “care”. Long story short, the bird is dead. The fisherman who rescued it has allegedly also died after learning of the shocking development, being an avid conservationist himself. Let’s not be too quick to judge, maybe the bird really died from “starvation and severe dehydration”, as the KWS claims.

Its Kenya after all. Yeah its Kenya.

It’s an invasive species…

Rhinos zilisahaulika by now

Is it murder to kill an animal ? If it is then am a serial murderer for murdering countless chickens and goats.

K :meffi::meffi::meffi: S

Wajinga Nyinyi KWS,

Those crazy folks at KWS might have sold the bird and claimed it’s dead. Here are some of their antics…they went and killed a hippo that had attacked a Chinese tourist in 2018 “to teach other hippos” a lesson…am not making this up.


I wonder why Balala yuko KWS na ako na akili za mende

beautiful bird

:D:D kama tunaua rhino…hii ingetushinda kweli?

Most probably NIS manenos