Shit hole lagos

You have to generate your own power

Thats why this aholes are always screaming , there all semi deaf !


Vile mtu mwengine alisema, Uchumi ya Lagos ni kubwa kuliko GDP ya Kenya


uajua trickle down economy?Read on that alafu picture hio dough imekwamia kwa mifuko ya watu kule juu, Thats what “mtu mwingine” meant. ukicompare 46 billionaires kenya na 9600 bladi rich folks against 4 billionaires only in naija ,their $515.543 billion GDP puts them at no 27 against kenya’s $101.048 billion at 61st position. atleast kenya hatuna shida vile,naija ni corruption tupu ,birrioneas ni kama one fifte fae

The country has the most oil in Subsahara yet there is always a shortage. They have to import refined petrol.

Negroes are cursed.

They also have the 9th largest gas reserves. They can Generate massive energy for the country. Add on Hydro wind etc. Obasanjo wasted USD $ 16Bn to reform power sector and ended up producing less power than before.

The petrol import thing is a scam by cartels to benefit from something called petrol import subsidy. The dangote and other oil refineries will change the game and save on local currency.

Kenya is truly an advanced African super power.

Ni juu ya mafuta. If Kenyans lived in Nigeria and farmed the way they farm plus petroleum products Nigeria would probably have twice the gdp.

Nigeria is a very green and lush country with lots of water to support agriculture. It’s probably one of the greenest countries on earth with massive forests but they don’t farm much.

Even backwards Arabs managed to control their oil wealth well, but nywele ngumu issanatha story. Ole wetu


“Naija, generators wake from my self pity” ~ Nneka,soul is heavy

What is it that drives a black man to draw pleasure from watching another fail, how did we get so sadistic?

its either in-born, or that was the master plan of the colonizers before giving us “freedom”.

i don’t know whether you’ve seen that clip of women jumping with happiness on gushing water from the machine that sinks boreholes. it sad to imagine that it cost about 2 million for one borehole, but billions are being stolen and staffed in offshore banks and will never be used.

Well money keeps the classes intact, my two cents is that the rich intentionally create and maintain poverty.

The situation is worstest in najeria (c&p) Exxon, Chevron and other major oil companies extract and export up to 2m barrels a day of high quality, low sulphur “Bonny Light” crude from the Niger delta. But very little of this oil is refined in the country because its four state-owned refineries are dysfunctional or have closed.

Instead, international dealers export to Nigeria around 900,000 tonnes a year of low-grade, “dirty” fuel, made in Dutch, Belgian and other European refineries, and hundreds of small-scale artisanal refineries produce large quantities of illegal fuel from oil stolen from the network of oil pipelines that criss-cross the Niger delta.
Net result is Nigeria being one of the worst polluted places in the world.